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Harvard Epidemiologist Censored by LinkedIn for Defending Healthcare Jobs


In taking this action, LinkedIn has denied crucial information to millions of professionals who deserve to hear a different opinion about the mass firings taking place in light of the vaccine mandates that contradict the known science and freedom in the marketplace for jobs. The move is a direct hit against workers and their career aspirations. 

The Not-Very-Hidden Agenda of the Fact Checkers


Some anonymous drone at LinkedIn took it upon his or herself (there are no other options) to waste the time and hurt the reputation of a customer. When that customer got fed up by such horrendous abuse from a company that was supposed to provide a service, that same anonymous, unaccountable petty person or collection of people told that customer to go spend money on lawyers to sue LinkedIn for access to the data that customer (erroneously) believes he owns.

competing interests

A Failure to Disclose Competing Interests


This is a story of an author who promoted COVID-19 vaccine uptake among adolescents while failing to disclose significant competing interests (e.g., his holding of an unrestricted research grant from Pfizer). This is also a story of a failure of the author’s publisher Nature Reviews Cardiology to enforce Nature Portfolio’s declaration-of-competing-interests policy.

Mass Testing: The Fatal Conceit


While contact tracing and isolation may be important for some infectious diseases, it is futile and counterproductive for common infections such as influenza and Covid-19. A case is only a case if a person is sick. Mass testing asymptomatic and non-vulnerable individuals is harmful to public health, useless and expensive.

Twitter files

How an Occupied Twitter Ruined Countless Lives 


This is about much more than free speech and the operation of media channels without government intervention. The Covid controls utterly smashed American liberty and social functioning, resulting in mass suffering, educational losses, shattered communities, and a precipitous collapse in public health that has shaved off years in life expectancy and caused an explosion of excess deaths. It might have been stopped or at least lessened in duration with some open discussion.

after covid

After Covid: Twelve Challenges for a Shattered World 


No question that the administrative bureaucracies would lock down again under the same or new pretext. Yes, they will face more opposition the next time and trust in their wisdom has fallen off a cliff. But the pandemic response also granted them new powers of surveillance, enforcement, and hegemony. The scientism that drove the response informs everything they do. So the next time, it will be harder to restrain them. 

twitter files

The Twitter Files: Just the Beginning 


What pertains to Twitter is surely true at Google (therefore YouTube), Facebook (therefore Instagram), Microsoft (therefore LinkedIn), and even Amazon (many great books were blocked from publication and distribution). At this point, one would have to be completely blind about the reality of what we’ve dealt with for almost three years: in the name of virus control, the country, its laws and traditions, its liberties and rights, were taken over by a junta with different ideas. 

Elon Musk’s Big Move on Twitter


Elon Musk’s exciting and dramatic move represents a bold attempt to overthrow the regime of control, propaganda, and enforced opinion as manufactured by the administrative state. It could be a sign of things to come. The upheaval of our times will eventually touch every institution based on the widespread perception that something has gone very wrong and cries out for a fix. 

Remember Those Who Cannot Speak


Remember this: every article you read on this site represents the views of thousands of learned and concerned people who are not in a position to speak. Every author here has taken risks and knows the stakes of the debate in which we find ourselves at the center. There is a silent group out there of highly intelligent people who are deeply grateful to all our supporters for making this opportunity to speak truth to power possible. 

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