Faye Lederman

  • Faye Lederman

    Faye Lederman was a 2021-22 Senior Media Fellow at Children’s Health Defense. She holds MA degrees in journalism and Judaic studies from UC Berkeley and NYU. She produced and directed four documentary films and contributed to others on a range of topics including environmental and women’s health and toxic exposure. Her work has received support from NY State Council on the Arts, NY Foundation for the Arts and Funding Exchange among others and her films have screened on PBS and in festivals, universities, museums and conferences in the U.S., Europe and Africa. She belongs to the New Day Films cooperative and has taught at the School of Visual Arts and University of Arizona’s Human Rights Practice Program.

Never Again Is Now

Throughout the past three years a number of documentary films have sprouted up, which critically dismantle the adoption and enforcement of harsh global covid po... Read more.
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