REPPARE at Brownstone Institute

REPPARE (REevaluating the Pandemic Preparedness And REsponse agenda) involves a multidisciplinary team convened by the University of Leeds, and led by principal investigators:

  • Garrett Wallace Brown, Chair of Global Health Policy at the University of Leeds.
  • David Bell is a clinical and public health physician with a PhD in population health and background in internal medicine, modeling and epidemiology of infectious disease.
  • Blagovesta Tacheva is a REPPARE Research Fellow in the School of Politics and International Studies at the University of Leeds.
  • Jean Merlin von Agris is a REPPARE funded PhD student at the School of Politics and International Studies at the University of Leeds.

REPPARE is an initiative of the University of Leeds, supported by Brownstone Institute, to clarify the evidence base on which history’s largest public health program is being built.

REPPARE will examine and build the evidence base relevant to the pandemic agenda over two years, but continually make data and analysis available to the public. The aim is not to advocate for any current political or health position, but to provide a basis on which such debate can occur in a balanced and informed fashion.

Humanity needs clear, honest, and informed policies that reflect the aspirations of everyone, and recognizes the diversity and equality of all people. The REPPARE team at the University of Leeds aims to contribute positively to this process.

Below is a list of resources, articles, and downloads from the REPPARE team:

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