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Remember Brownstone Institute on Giving Tuesday

This is the crisis of our lives. Please join us in standing up for truth in times of lies, and enlightenment when the powers-that-be seem united in dragging us back. They are not the authors of history. Trends can change. Indeed, they are changing. 

Love, Not Fear, Will Get Us Through This Crisis

Our task, should we choose to accept it, is to do our best to minimise that harm, to ensure that the cure (which presently consists predominantly of sowing fear, trauma and social division, and the rapidly dismantling our human rights and democracy) is not worse than the disease. One thing we know about human nature is that when we face a crisis head on, with open hearts and open minds, with ‘good-faith’ collaboration rather than ‘enemy-image’ animosity, wholesome solutions invariably emerge.

The Merchants of Moral Panic

Let’s resolve now to not let the Covid warriors merely fade away, using our imaginations to find ways of making it as uncomfortable as we possibly can for the merchants of moral panic to continue to practice their craft, and exercise their magisterium over public opinion. 

Why Are So Many Choosing a Life in a Cage? ~ Dr. Julie Ponesse

“Today, we face substantial rewards for compliance; if we comply with the government’s pandemic response measures (masking, distancing, lockdowns, and now the ever-increasing and nebulous vaccine rollout), we are granted the conditional privilege of reentrance into society; and the penalties for failing to comply? being bullied, shamed, excluded, cancelled, even fined or arrested.”

The Urgent Need to Rediscover Meaning

“Sooner or later we must come to terms with our own nature and destiny. What is the nature of man, of death, and what are the nature of the implications of death for the way in which we live our lives? The first two questions amount to asking about the nature of consciousness.” ~ David Lorimer

Media Pushes Mass Confusion over Cause and Effect

A person who is convinced that making green tea causes it to rain isn’t going to be open-minded toward a lecture on atmospheric science and cloud formation. Similarly, based on the above examples, South Korea’s case increases are due to too much freedom, a virus caused 100,000 to die of drug overdoses, and the president can crush a pathogen with behavioral guidelines and mandates. 

Vaclav Havel and the Semiotics of Public Masking

To reject the ideological schemes of “reality” imposed from above to instead embrace the most true and fundamental impulses of life is precisely what those wonderful pilots, nurses, teachers, policemen, lawyers parents and many others are doing right now before the tyranny of mask and vaccine mandates. 

Vaccine Mandates are Unethical

It is an odd reality about vaccine mandates that they aim to increase vaccination among working-age adults and even children, including those with natural immunity, rather than the high-risk elderly. The well of public trust in public health is finite, and to waste it on a policy that seeks to increase vaccination rates in a lower risk population makes little sense. 

Why Bill Gates Is Pivoting on Existing Covid Vaccines

Once you understand the simplicity of his core confusions, everything else he says makes sense from his point of view. He seems forever stuck in the fallacy that the human being is a cog in a massive machine called society that cries out for his managerial and technological leadership to improve to the point of operational perfection.

What It Means to Experience “Social Death”

After quite consciously using the enormous moral and rhetorical force of the government and media to label a third to a half of its own citizens as social pariahs, the Biden Administration is now working hand-in-glove with the country’s large corporations to destroy these same citizens’ standing as fully empowered citizens through the destruction of their livelihoods. 

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