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Pandemic Samizdat in the US


Censorship is the death of science and inevitably leads to the death of people. America should be a bulwark against it, but it was not during the pandemic. Though the tide is turning with the Missouri v. Biden case, we must reform our scientific institutions so what happened during the pandemic never happens again.

public health

The Great Demoralization 


History provides many cases of a beaten down, demoralized, and increasingly poor and censored majority population being ruled over by an imperious, inhumane, sadistic, privileged, and yet tiny ruling class. We just never believed we would become one of those cases. The truth of this is so grim and glaring, and the likely explanation of what happened so shocking, that the entire subject is regarded as something of a taboo in public life. 

Fauci's very bad week

Anthony Fauci’s Very Bad Week


Despite Fauci’s wishes, the most extreme aspects of lockdowns gradually faded away in time, most anointed experts can pretend as if the vaccine ended the worst aspects of the pandemic (that’s why the mandates became necessary, if only to maximize uptake and confound the science), and Fauci keeps going on national television, despite his age and wealth, to dial back his responsibility for any aspect of it, including the lockdowns he is on record backing from February 26, 2020, onward. 

Kim Reynolds

Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds Scrubs Her Lockdown Record 


It seems that everyone is running from the lockdowns they once supported, and that includes former presidents and governors, and probably mayors too. Apologies would be better so we can at least have an honest accounting rather than an attempt to rewrite the history that everyone knows. 

Fauci Hoover Lysenko

J. Edgar Lysenko: A Suitable Name for Anthony Fauci 


History is written by the winners and – at this moment in time – Fauci is on the side of the winners and his public image is unblemished, as is his civil and criminal record. His halo of kindly omnipotence remains largely intact. But as we move forward, the winners may change. 

confirmed case

First Confirmed Cases in America Were on US Aircraft Carrier


For more than three years,  “official” Covid histories state the first “confirmed” case in America was a man from Washington who’d returned from Wuhan, China.  As developed below, crew members of the USS Roosevelt could, in fact, be listed as “confirmed” cases and by themselves debunk the narrative that America’s first cases came from travelers returning from Wuhan. 

Trump White House

At the White House, March 10, 2020, Reconstructed


This is all very alarming of course, and I want no leaks, not today, not ever. We need to pitch this to the American people calmly and with great authority. I think you are all correct that people will follow my lead on this. You have all made your case. Let’s get to work. I’ll send a tweet tomorrow promising to use the full power of the federal government. We are going to beat this. You are about to see Trump in action as never before. 

pandemic response

If I Interviewed Trump About Covid…


Were you aware of the massive censorship and propaganda that were happening to make people accept the lockdowns and vaccines? Do you feel like you were part of that campaign to convince people? Or do you feel like you were somehow forced to participate in it?

Decline of the West

Was Spengler Right After All? 


The only thing that the current, deliberately orchestrated onslaught against culture has in common with Spengler’s diagnosis, a century ago, of the demise of Western culture, is precisely that: the controlled demise of culture. Except that, for Spengler, this was an inescapable process that unfolded in the course of centuries (going back to the European Renaissance), whereas at present we are witnessing a hubristic, megalomaniacal attempt to torpedo both Western and other cultures for the sake of retaining financial and hence, political control over world affairs.

covid coup

What If There Had Been No Covid Coup?


Once the biowarfare cartel took over the pandemic response, there was only one objective: scare everyone as much as possible to gain compliance with lockdowns and make everyone desperate for vaccines. Public health experts, including the leaders of the NIH, CDC, and NIAID, were no longer authorized to make their own pandemic policy decisions or public announcements. Everyone had to stick to the lockdown narrative.

changed the world

The A-Bomb of Our Time


Covid-19 changed the world forever. Moral questions were buried by authoritarians and their water carriers. Rational individuals were silenced, censored, canceled, and lost their jobs. A consensus exists today among far too many Americans – that the same response must be used next time.

Wuhan cover-up

The Wuhan Cover Up, by RFKJr.


The Wuhan Cover Up. A case study demonstrating the consequences of the situational ethical slide which often occurs when a massive administrative bureaucracy fuses with an “intelligence community.” 

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