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The Sorrows of Empire

The Sorrows of Empire


There is no such thing as fully objective history, and that’s for a simple reason. History is generated in narrative form, and the creation of every narrative—as Hayden White made clear four decades ago—necessarily involves the selection and discarding, as well the foregrounding and relative camouflaging, of items within the panoply of “facts” at the disposal of the historian.

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Cochrane U-Turn on Masks

Cochrane U-Turn on Physical Interventions


In March 2023, Cochrane stated it was engaging with the authors of the Cochrane review on ‘Physical interventions to interrupt or reduce the spread of respiratory viruses’ that Tom is the lead author of. Under pressure from a New York Times social media influencer, Cochrane’s Editor-in-Chief (EIC) posted a communique undermining the review and its findings.

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'Teflon Tony' Survives the Hot Seat

‘Teflon Tony’ Survives the Hot Seat


Although random hatchets were thrown at Fauci during the hearing, he managed to garner a fair bit of support from the subcommittee and seemed to come out relatively unscathed, earning him the title of ‘Teflon Tony.’ The subcommittee will release a final report by the end of 2024, with its findings and recommendations from its two-year investigation.

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