The Economics of Focused Protection

By using general lockdowns, and by treating everyone – including school children – as being equally at risk of suffering from Covid, governments caused resources, attention, and mitigation efforts to be spread too thinly. Far too many resources, attention, and mitigation efforts were spent where they had much smaller impact than they would have had were they instead focused on protecting the most vulnerable. 

How Much Have Vaccine Mandates Contributed to the Great Resignation?

There’s a sinister, symptom of denying that the labor shortage and vaccine mandates are unrelated. It absolves political leaders of accountability. Given that unemployment is a major bipartisan issue, average citizens may oppose mandates if they thought they were contributing to driving people out of the workforce. 

The Pfizer/BioNTech Vaccine Monopoly: The Backstory

For all the talk of the power of Big Pharma, the Covid-19 vaccine that is currently becoming the standard throughout the Western world has a far more powerful state sponsor and the state sponsor is Germany. This raises particularly obvious and thorny issues for the European Union, where the vaccine contracts for all 27 member states were negotiated by a European Commission that is headed by former German Minister of Defense Ursula von der Leyen. 

The Economic and Health Effects of Mass Covid-19 Vaccination

From these results it seems that mass vaccination is some sort of get-out-of-jail card, as a way to get out of ruinously expensive lockdowns and allow some rebound in economic activity. Yet it was politicians and health bureaucrats who put us in jail in the first place. At any time they could undo what they imposed, with or without mass vaccination.

Why Was the US-Canada Land Border Closed for So Long?

Elected officials and ordinary citizens alike in both countries have been puzzling over the strange fact that Canadians were legally permitted to fly into the US via commercial aircraft — after having gone to a crowded airport and inhaling whatever particles happened to be in circulation — but barred from driving over the border alone in their private cars.

The Mandate on Business Intensifies the Crisis

21 months. Citizens are desperately struggling to get out from under the yoke of this despotism, and using every opportunity available to do so. Politicians who back these policies are being swept out of office. And yet they carry on. It appears that the sadistic state is quickly becoming a masochistic one. 

Regulatory Capture in the Age of Covid

Our systems are mired in good old-fashioned crony capitalism, fascism, corporatism, mercantilism, protectionism…. fancy words for when private companies work with governments to subvert the forces of competition. The suppression of research into off-patent drugs is a notable symptom of this problem.

The Greatest Transfer of Wealth From the Middle Class to the Elites in History

The one-two punch of government fiscal and Fed monetary policy continued to destroy the fabric of the economy for the average American. It dislocated the labor markets and the supply chain and it has ultimately led to inflation, which is making the basic cost of living much more expensive for Americans all across the country.

The Candy Shortage Is But a Sign of Much Worse

The candy shortage is emblematic of deeper issues affecting economic life after lockdowns. The empty shelves you see at the local store are only the final stage revelation of problems pervasive in all production structures. The problems are not being fixed. They are all getting worse, even after all the promises that the shortages, dislocations, and inflation were merely temporary. 

An Interview with Gigi Foster, Warrior Against Lockdowns

Gigi Foster, economic professor at the University of New South Wales in Sydney, is co-author of The Great Covid Panic (Brownstone Institute, 2021) and a fierce opponent of lockdowns and mandates that have caused so much damage to Australia’s economy and long-standing tradition of human rights. Jeffrey Tucker of Brownstone interview her in this detailed interview, as her book is growing in influence in Australia and around the world. 

Governments Broke the Supply Chains

While politicians couldn’t ever create or legislate billions working together around the world, they could and can surely break voluntary economic arrangements. When you have guns, handcuffs, the power to quite literally shut off power sources to the productive, not to mention the wealth produced by the productive, you have the power to impose command-and-control.

Why the Cargo Is Stuck: Letter from a Trucker

In response to my article on the growing goods shortages, I received the following letter, which I found very interesting, particularly on the point about the shortage of trucks themselves. I’m happy to share this with readers.

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