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Wenstrup Releases Francis Collins' House Testimony

Wenstrup Releases Francis Collins’ House Testimony


Select Subcommittee on the Coronavirus Pandemic Chairman Brad Wenstrup (R-Ohio) released the transcript from Dr. Francis Collins’ transcribed interview. Dr. Collins helped lead the government’s Covid-19 pandemic response as the Director of the National Institutes of Health (NIH) until his resignation at the end of 2021. In conjunction with the transcript, the Select Subcommittee also released a new staff memo that highlights the key takeaways from Dr. Collins’s transcribed interview.

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'Experts' Fail to Argue That Mandates Worked

‘Experts’ Fail to Argue That Mandates Worked


By now, the evidence against the effectiveness of Covid policies and so-called “interventions” is overwhelming. Mask mandates were a spectacular failure, with the most heavily masked populations often seeing worse results than cities, counties, or countries with little to no masking. Vaccine mandates and passports were an unmitigated disaster; coercion created mistrust, and resistance and in some cases may have led to unnecessary, damaging side effects.

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Australian Senate to Investigate Excess Mortality

Australian Senate to Investigate Excess Mortality


Clearly, most people are done with Covid and have stopped paying heed to the advice from public health authorities. This of course contains its own long-term dangers. Are Labor and the Greens not interested in knowing the vaccine truth and restoring public trust in the integrity of our public institutions, including Health and Parliament?

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The Death and Resurrection of Science

The Death and Resurrection of Science


We must fight with everything we have against governments that behave in a dictatorial manner, against the evidence, using substandard experts, “for our own good,” as they say. The best way forward is to learn as much as possible about the methods governments used to suppress and distort the science. The Great Barrington Declaration, which has received almost a million signatures, was an important milestone. We need to establish an international cooperation of scientists at the highest level who will stand together and never again accept to be silenced when the next pandemic hits us.

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Brownstone Institute - Florida Still Stands Alone

Florida Still Stands Alone


Florida might be the only state investigating the truth about the U.S. Covid response, but it’s still important that these efforts continue. The actions of the grand jury, the integrity committee, the surgeon general, and the governor might provide only a spotlight on the systemic problems and corruption of U.S. public agencies. But it’s a necessary one. Even if people of all political persuasions don’t want to hear the truth, and try to bury it, throw it into a volcano, or shoot it into the sun, it’s still the truth, waiting for a chance to be seen, heard, spoken, and believed once again.

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Brownstone Institute - 'Experts' Continue to Spread Misinformation

‘Experts’ Continue to Spread Misinformation


Their proposed changes center around very basic guidance on isolation due to a Covid infection. You’d think that a very mild alteration to a policy so small would be widely celebrated, considering most members of the general public have long since abandoned isolation guidelines anyway. But that assumption rests on a misguided understanding of how committed Covid extremists are to pushing endless panic. And some of those extremists happen to work at The New York Times.

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Brownstone Institute - Another Variant, Another Desperate Cry for Masks

Another Variant, Another Desperate Cry for Masks


Those who were responsible for incalculable damage will continue to skate scot free, while the cycle of unnecessary panic, inaccurate predictions, and the call for more masking rears its ugly head every few months as new variants emerge. Although it’s frustratingly predictable and infuriatingly obvious, best to prepare for a whole lot more of it.

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Art's Beauty and Outrage

Art’s Beauty and Outrage


All the complexities, contradictions, and riddles of human nature were present and still unresolved under the iconic contrapposto shadow of a statue symbolizing liberation and strength. There we were, admiring our age’s beauty and outrage, purposefully displayed by a wealthy former clown who ran a circus and built a city. Life really is the “Greatest Show on Earth.”

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