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Brownstone » Society


Free Speech on Trial - Brownstone Institute

Free Speech on Trial


A positive ruling for the plaintiffs doesn’t solve every problem but at least it will mean that freedom still stands a chance in this country. A ruling for the defense, which is essentially the government itself, will give license to every federal agency – including those that operate in secret like the FBI and CIA – to threaten every social media and media company in this country to delete any and all content that runs contrary to the approved narrative. 

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The Cruelty of Modern Death - Brownstone Institute

The Cruelty of Modern Death


Progress involves improving on the past. Once, we used leeches to suck out an excess of cancer-causing humors, or just blamed them on the wrath of the gods. In modern hospitals, we now image such tumors deep within the body, target them with synthetic chemicals or narrow beams of radiation, or excise them with clinical precision. 

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Brownstone Institute - The "Boys Will be Boys" of Science

The “Boys Will Be Boys” of Science


As a consequence of their successful lobbying and jockeying for power, they got what they wanted – their research was heavily funded, their labs staffed, and the enhancement of potentially pandemic pathogens proliferated without requiring so much as the background check the same scientists demand for a handgun.

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A Vision for a New Liberalism - Brownstone Institute

A Vision for a New Liberalism


We call on you to join us. Become mentors, teachers, or sponsors of novacad.org or scienceandfreedom.org. Better yet, set up your own communities and organisations for those you care about. We need to start building the future we want for those we love, and stop indulging in the fantasy that the West will magically come to its senses if only we press the like button for the right articles often enough on social media and badmouth Bill Gates at enough dinner parties. A better future for our children is worth fighting for, and it is ours to build.

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Ruled by the Capricious Whims of Politicians - Brownstone Institute

Ruled by the Capricious Whims of Politicians


What is the real message behind the ruling and Governor Hochul’s words? Stay in line. Keep your head down. If we can do it to an ex-president of the United States, with whom we’ve all done business, we can do it to any one of you. Especially those of you that don’t have the enormous resources and political support that an ex-president does.

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Levers of Control - Brownstone Institute

Levers of Control: Accept or Flee?


They could always, of course, decide to opt out of the ‘system,’ if they are willing to be ‘excluded from society,’ as Bill Gates infamously said about those who would refuse the digital prison that the neo-fascists have built for the rest of humanity. I certainly would, but my guess is that most people are too immersed in social media and the technical means to sojourn there – usually a smartphone, and of course the internet – to take that drastic step.

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Life after Lockdown: Foreword by Rand Paul - Brownstone Institute

Life after Lockdown: Foreword by Rand Paul


In Life after Lockdown, Jeffrey Tucker paints a picture of the living hell that was the government lockdown and outlines a roadmap for never again allowing such a police state to occur. During the multiple winters of the Covid lockdown, I discovered Brownstone Institute. On the pages of Brownstone, I found not only the incisive critique of the pseudoscience put forward by Fauci and others, I also routinely came across scientists with the intellectual rigor to disassemble the unsupported scientific platitudes of the state.

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Brownstone Institute - Make Beauty Beautiful Again

The Cartelization of Beauty


Keeping it real thus also means making a conscious effort to find those spaces where the mediating practices of the elites are few and the chances for direct esthetic pleasure are many. And finally, and most importantly, keeping it real means ensuring that such mediation-free sanctuaries are readily available to children so that their personally constructed sense of beauty, with its wonderfully generative fantasies, is not canceled before it even has time to take flight. 

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Brownstone Institute - Schumpeter on How Higher Education Wrecks Freedom

Schumpeter on How Higher Education Wrecks Freedom


The push to force everyone into higher education has proven to be a massive diversion of financial and human energy, and, just like Schumpeter predicted, it did the cause of freedom no favors. It has only ended up breeding debt, resentment, and an imbalance of human resources such that the people with real power are the same people least likely to possess the necessary skills to make life better. Indeed they are making it worse. 

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