The Government’s “Religious Exemption” Process Is a Farce

Whether deliberate or not, the language in the new request form reveals the government’s impatience and hostility towards those who have religious objections to the COVID vaccine. Words mean things after all, and the message could not be clearer:  those asking for a religious exemption belong in the “other” category. 

The Monumental Sacrifice of Novak Djokovic

His very public deportation will hopefully get many people thinking about his approach to health, which if widely understood and adopted, will finally burn the Covid Regime to the ground — once and for all.

Saturday Night Fights at the Pharmacy

The majority of pharmacists (not all!) have simply stopped thinking critically or devoting effort to review the evidence base, instead simply believing what they are told by their Boards (a.k.a. their “Ministries of Truth”). As if the insane numbers of ill omicron patients to care for is not challenging enough.

CDC Director Almost Admits Failure

The CDC director’s tweet won’t settle all the COVID19 debates, but it is an admission that our current policies have failed and must be abandoned. We cannot eradicate the virus. We have to live with it, and balance it against all the other important things: school, work, and our mental health. 

Testing Will Not Save Us

Infection can be avoided for weeks or months or perhaps years, but eventually, the virus will touch all human beings who touch another person.  Under these circumstances, we should differentiate between two classes of interventions.

Covid, As Seen With My Own Eyes

There is little interest and therefore little data on natural immunity. I responded to an announcement for a COVID seroprevalence study in spring 2020 in which interested subjects were asked to contact the NIH via email. I sent 2 separate emails about 6 weeks apart with no response.

Get the Courts Out of Science

My highest hope is that the majority opinion here, if it goes the right way, will not be narrow and evasive, picking apart the mandate based on technicalities, but sweeping and fundamental. It should say in no uncertain terms that this mandate should never have been issued and that the court should never have to intervene in such matters in the future. 

The Defenestration of Dr. Robert Malone

Malone isn’t a crazed conspiracy theorist: He’s a man who’s intimately familiar with the benefits and the risks of vaccines. He’s a proponent of informed consent. Perhaps before letting someone inject a vaccine into your body, you should be fully informed of the risks involved, he says. He isn’t an unreasonable man.

Unvaccinated Pilots Fighting for Medical Freedom

Whether groups like the US Freedom Flyers and Airline Employees for Health Freedom succeed likely will not come down to science, but, instead, a combination of legal technicalities and whether enough people will stand their ground and suffer the consequences while demonstrating their worth to their employers, and perhaps the rest of society, through their absence.

Why the Vaccine Nationalism?

Most countries are pursuing their vaccine strategy in line with their current alliance structure. This reality does not seem to conform to the narrative of a global, devastating plague, but rather, a geopolitical struggle in the name of a virus. China’s allies are committing to China’s vaccines. Russia’s allies are committing to Russia’s vaccines. The Western world is committing to the U.S.-based shots, plus the Oxford-Astrazeneca shot.

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