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Did Lockdowns Finish Off Public Schooling?


The public schools cannot be fixed. The bureaucracy is over crowded. Union control is absolute. Awful ideas abound about everything. There is a tendency to rely on technology rather than time-tested fundamentals as the preferred solution to any problem. As a result, the amount of technology is overwhelming; The amount of basic reading, writing, and arithmetic – vastly underwhelming. 


Chronic Absenteeism Worse in States That Closed Schools Longer


This paper is exactly the type of analysis that is crucial to quantifying the effect of Covid Policy response on our children’s education. Unfortunately, it’s after the fact. Many warned of the devastating unintended consequences of school closures. Our politicized, polarized culture clouded the judgement of our education leaders when it really counted.

what they did to the children

What They Did to the Children


The desired reset was achieved; we have reset our expectations regarding truth, decency, and the care of children. In an amoral world the happiness, the health, and the life of a child only carries the importance we are told to attach to it. To change that, we would have to stand against the tide. History will remember those who did and those who did not.

moms for liberty

The Joyful Warriors of Moms for Liberty


Joy can be contagious. And those of us who have fought against what felt like the world in the past 3 years need some joy as we continue to advocate for not just our kids, but all of them. And for many moms across the country, covid was a line in the sand. They will not let it happen again. They will be vigilant in fighting for normalcy for their children that they never realized before had been at risk.  

gender ideology bullying

The Ideological Bullying of Students Must Stop 


Although this bullying does not seem to have undermined young people’s basic moral instincts for fairness (without exception, they are against males competing against females in sport because it is “unfair”), it has critically undermined their basic moral instinct for honesty. 

Santa Clara University

Santa Clara University Students Must Take Covid Vaccines or Withdraw


Given that the emergency is officially over, and the shots have proven to be both ineffective and in some cases harmful, now more than ever, SCU must defend the science and ethics behind their refusal to drop them. In the absence of such transparency, we are left to assume that Osofsky, along with SCCMA and SCCPH, must be using SCU students as mere pawns to achieve their unscientific and authoritarian vaccination goals and quotas.

fear of a microbial planet

The Evolution of Thin Skin


Many universities have abandoned their mission of truth-seeking in favor of promoting social justice and all its quasi-religious trappings. This new mission has infiltrated every level of higher education, even medical schools. With this cultural slide, not only is it wrong to attack fellow student’s or professor’s work, it is wrong to even challenge or debate their ideas entirely. If the work of the professors or students falls in line with the new mission, it becomes insulated from any criticism.


Structural Reasons Why Today’s Universities Fail


Administrative bloat has many other consequences, amongst which is that many university functions now follow bureaucratic rather than academic logic, ignoring the purely academic benefits to activities and focusing instead on finding and privileging reasons for the bureaucracy’s own existence. This leads to a perennial search for problems that can be exaggerated and turned into a justification for more administration (e.g., ‘Is there a problem I can pretend to solve by creating an additional compliance problem?’).

campus closures

The Human Costs of Campus Closures


In our unhinged pursuit of a covid-free fantasyland, we wreaked untold and immeasurable havoc on the entire higher education ecosystem. Whether this is reversible remains to be seen. But for the damage not to be permanent, we must at the very least resolve never to do it again. Another round of campus closures like the last one will likely permanently destroy higher ed as we know it.   

campus closures

Paying the Price for Campus Closures


Could all this pain have been prevented if campuses had just reopened fully in the fall of 2020? Perhaps not—but much of it could have. At worst, we would have continued our gradual downhill roll toward the 2026 cliff, giving legislators and administrators plenty of time to prepare.

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