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Price Australia

Cometh the Hour, Cometh the Woman


Price is a threat to the city-based power structures because she rejects the moral foundations on which the existing Aboriginal industry has been created. She is prepared to articulate an alternative moral framework as the pathway to genuine reconciliation and eventual union. This is why veteran Australian journalist Paul Kelly’s takeaway from the NPC address was: “Australia’s elites are in the process of being administered a huge shock.”


Thunderstruck In an Unforgettable Day


On September 13th, over 400 of you showed up at the courthouse. Afterwards, I was told by many that they had driven several hours to get there… 5, 6, 7 hours! One woman I met said she had come all the way from Michigan to support me in court! Many people came the night before and stayed in a hotel, while others got up well before dawn so they could arrive at the courthouse first thing in the morning – even before I got there. And that they did…


Oral Argument in the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals in Health Freedom Defense Fund et al. v. Alberto Carvalho


What is the rational basis for saying that a vaccine mandated three years ago continues to work today? What if LAUSD is still requiring the shot twenty years from now, when there is no emergency? How did the school district come up with the premise that it doesn’t matter whether the shot is effective or not?

regulation governor new york

David v. Goliath in New York 


This governor’s regulation puts the power at the highest levels of the state government – centrally controlled. The governor’s regulation not only circumvents the legislature’s power and responsibility to enact appropriate laws for the citizenry, but it also takes that power beyond the local level, where it can most appropriately be considered, and completely fails to protect the rights of the individuals against misuse or mis-application by the state officials.

free speech rights

A Tremendous Victory for Free Speech 


Friday’s decision provides a crucial step in fighting against that informational totalitarianism. The Fifth Circuit issued an injunction that prohibits the Biden Administration from taking actions, “to coerce or significantly encourage social-media companies to remove, delete, suppress, or reduce, including through altering their algorithms, posted social-media content containing protected free speech.”  


You Should Be Very Worried About the Digital Services Act


The only hope is that this ugly, complicated and regressive piece of legislation ends up before a judge who understands that freedom of expression means nothing if held hostage to the views of the European Commission on pandemic-preparedness, the Russia-Ukraine war, or what counts as “offensive” or “hateful” speech.

informed consent

Whatever Happened to Informed Consent?


Every American is a sovereign individual with inalienable rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, not a sack of meat to be treated as a profit opportunity.  Informed consent must be revived from the grave if Americans are to have a fighting chance against powerful financial interests allied against them.

public-private tyranny

The Rise of the Public-Private Partnership in Tyranny


Call it the public-private tyranny partnership. Traditionally coercion and tyranny have been the preserve of states, with citizen consent the exclusive preserve of liberal democratic states. The private sector has been the domain of choice and competition where the customer is always right. Now the citizen must hew to state-dictated morality and the customer must bow to the corporate moral compass.

CJ Hopkins

The Vicious Punishment of CJ Hopkins 


When asked what gives him courage, Freda said, “I look at this as this a spiritual battle. The people who censor are not good people. If they believed in their ideas, then they would stand up to scrutiny.” He added that many smart people fell in line with dominant and controlling narratives during the Covid period, and, he said, “I lost a lot of heroes. They just crumbled.”

thought crime

The Global War on Thought Crime 


In their push to cancel unapproved content, out-of-control governments are seeking to penalise what George Orwell called “thought crimes.” But they will never be able to truly stop people thinking for themselves, nor will they ever definitively know either the writer’s intent or what meaning people will ultimately derive. It is bad law, and it will eventually fail because it is, in itself, predicated on disinformation.


The Real Trouble with the Trump Indictment


Forget the media frenzy about the details: who spoke with whom and when, which Trump adviser is being charged for which “debunked” claim, and so on. The important point about this indictment is that lawyers are being charged with felonies for doing legal work. An American prosecutor is criminalizing the legal profession – a business that can only end with the “totalitarian form of government” whose first steps Justice Stevens identified with the elimination of lawyers.

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