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Jeffrey Tucker Speaks at Hillsdale College


On October 20, 2022, Jeffrey Tucker spoke at Hillsdale College on the topic of the economic destruction of lockdowns and vaccine mandates. An adapted version of the speech is the October issue of Imprimus, the college publication that goes out to 6 million subscribers. The talk was all recorded by the college.

How Mitigation Caused Carnage: Interview with Knut Wittkowski


SHARE | PRINT | EMAILKnut Wittkowski, PhD, is currently CEO of ASDERA and formerly a Rockefeller University researcher in biostatistics and epidemiology. He was also among the very first scientists to publicly oppose Covid mitigation strategies of lockdowns and closures in late March 2020. Here, in the first time they have …

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What’s Going On In China: Interview with Michael Senger


Michael Senger, attorney and author of Snake Oil, has led the way in drawing attention to the role of the Chinese Communist Party in 2020 influencing nearly every country in the world to lock down economies in order to control a virus. Here he reacts to the new lockdowns in China and the possible motivations behind the remarkable attack on the rights and liberties of the people of Shanghai, and possible divisions within the CCP.

Interview with Sunetra Gupta

Lockdowns Shredded the Social Contract: Interview with Sunetra Gupta


Sunetra Gupta, epidemiologist at Oxford University and a prolific historian and novelist, and a contributor at Brownstone Institute, speaks to Jeffrey Tucker of Brownstone about the brutal attack on democracy and equality that came with lockdowns, and how they unleashed a reactionary spirit in the world in which we were all invited to divide society by class, race, profession, and political compliance with mandates.

Students Against Mandates

Interview: Students Against Mandates


Students Against Mandates join with Jeffrey Tucker to discuss the lockdown and mandate trauma of the past two years. From prolonged isolation to discriminating mandates, government overreach to infringement on student and human rights, and what steps the organization is taking to fight back.

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