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Ian McNulty is a former scientist, investigative journalist, and BBC producer whose TV credits include ‘A Calculated Risk’ on radiation from nuclear power plants, ‘It Shouldn’t Happen to a Pig’ on antibiotic resistance from factory farming, ‘A Better Alternative?’ on alternative treatments for arthritis and rheumatism and ‘Deccan,’ the pilot for the long-running BBC TV series “Great Railway Journeys of the World.’


Just Who Caused this Polarization?


The Polarization began many years before Social Media or the Internet were even a twinkle in their inventor’s eyes. It was government ministers who started it, and the Mainstream Media who have nurtured it ever since. The one-sided discussion format gradually extended from government ministers to lesser politicians and then to pundits, until it gradually became the norm.


My Conversation with ChatGPT on Death Rates


Could it be that we are being misdirected to look the wrong way, and the greatest existential threat to our survival as a species comes not from AI’s superior intelligence, but its crass stupidity?

PCR Tests and the Rise of Disease Panic


Despite the CDC’s own admission that PCR tests “may not indicate the presence of infectious virus,” its use to do exactly that in the case of Covid was accepted without question. Worse still, the measures taken against calling PCR into question have become progressively more draconian and underhanded since the very beginning.

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