Ian Miller

Ian Miller is the author of “Unmasked: The Global Failure of COVID Mask Mandates.” His work has been featured on national television broadcasts, national and international news publications and referenced in multiple best selling books covering the pandemic. He writes a Substack newsletter, also titled “Unmasked.”

The Incredible Persistence of the Myth of Masking

Masks don’t work. And jurisdictions and school districts continuing to enforce masking based on misinformation and fear are engaging in disgraceful theater. “Experts” continuing to push permanent masking are either dangerous, incompetent, or intellectually dishonest.

White House Disinformation about Kids and Covid

Jha has repeatedly spread misinformation about masks while overtly promoting vaccine passports and verification, and last summer claimed that “unvaccinated, unmasked folks” are the drivers of transmission, while ignoring that cases surged in highly masked and vaccinated areas like San Francisco:

Sweden’s Strategy Once Again Proven Correct

France, Austria, Belgium, Netherlands, United Kingdom, Spain and Italy all had lockdowns, varying levels of vaccine discrimination, mask mandates and strict entry requirements. All fared worse than Sweden. The lockdown and mask apologists simply offered no explanation for this.

The Great Unmasking

The supposed “experts” who claimed the airline industry would be undergoing massive turmoil never had the slightest chance of being right, because masks don’t work. Somehow though, I doubt the new Ministry of Truth will be coming after them for their “disinformation.”

Philadelphia, Los Angeles, and the Future of Masking

Whether you agree with that designation or not, there are few people in the United States who would argue for including Philadelphia or Los Angeles on the list of “finest” locations in the country. But their fanatical dedication to COVID policy has taken cities that already struggle with crime, homelessness, poor quality of life or high cost of living and made them even more uninhabitable.

More Evidence from the UK that Masks Don’t Work

There will clearly be no end to the push for a return to COVID restrictions among the medical and public health establishments. No matter how many surges arise with strict mandates in place, the pervasive groupthink on masks has infiltrated every facet of the elite decision making process.

CDC Promotes Another Misleading Mask Study 

It is imperative that the public educate themselves on how much misinformation is being disseminated by activist researchers, designed to appeal to the goals and ideologies of partisan political actors. Many children could be permanently affected by an atrocious “study” meant to promote a meaningless, destructive policy.

Anatomy of the Hong Kong Disaster 

Hong Kong tried to control COVID with masking, and those same voices told us repeatedly that it was successful. Where were the retractions when then they subsequently reported one of the highest current death rates we’ve seen anywhere on earth?

The Glorious Flop of New Zealand Virus Control

New Zealand is the latest in a long list of countries to be hailed as showing the world the “right” way to prevent surges; to keep COVID under control. But as with masks, vaccine passports and “early” lockdowns, zero COVID never had a chance of working — despite the endless media and expert praise.

Why Did Masks Stop Working in Japan and South Korea?

For nearly two years now, we’ve seen media outlets attempt to allocate credit to interventions by ignoring the seasons. They purposefully wait until the curve goes down to report that masking in addition to their favored intervention of the week is responsible for controlling the surge — ignoring that the same interventions existed before the surge started.

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