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Michael Riches is a Canadian writer and editor based in Taipei.

The Expendables: The Biopolitics of Human Sacrifice


If you are one of those who supported the separation of the unvaccinated from society, it is worth considering how your own life was diminished during the pandemic. The range of the homo sacer, those deemed expendable, has been broadened over time from traditional groups such as the homeless, up through the working classes in recent decades, and now large swathes of middle classes during Covid.

Why Rogan Is Tied to the Stake While Maher Gets a Free Pass


Uncontrolled opposition is the biggest fear of the political and corporate establishment, even to media conglomerates. Rogan never trained to be a journalist, didn’t climb any social ladders to reach the level of the elites, has never relied on establishment advertising dollars, and yet attracts 11 million viewers and listeners to each podcast episode, eclipsing popular network TV programs.

The Artless Partisans of Lockdowns and Mandates


In fact, the great intellectual thought emerging from our times is coming from those opposing vaccine mandates and Covid fearmongering. These names run across the political spectrum, but those from the left are universally categorized by liberals as being “alt-right” or “fringe libertarian,” ensuring that they remain marginalized and carry whatever stigma goes along with being relegated to the internet.

Vax Passports: The Medium Is the Message


This is what has made the vaccine certificates so incendiary. They contain messages of social and moral superiority that have been inflaming tensions, conflict, acrimony, and occasional violence throughout Western nations. 

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