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Patricia Rice Doran

Patricia Rice Doran, Ed.D., is a parent of six and an associate professor of special education at Towson University, has expertise in cultural and language diversity as well as school planning for students with health issues. She writes in her personal, not institutional, capacity and her views are her own.

Masks Pose Problems for Children with Disabilities, Too


School is critical for children precisely because it offers them structure, social routine, access to interaction, and emotional support as well as learning opportunities. Mandatory masks interfere with all of those–they impact daily routines, behavioral norms, social interaction, access to facial expressions and interpersonal communication, and ability to access important content such as phonics or information from discussions

Students with Disabilities Need the Least Restrictive Environment


More than other members of society, children are at a critical phase in development, with their well-being largely dependent on the good judgement of the adults around them. As we wrap up the holiday season, full of reminders of the innocence and joy of childhood, it’s time to embrace our responsibility, as adults, to protect that innocence through reasonable pandemic policy. 

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