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Willy Forsyth

Willy Forsyth, MPH EMT-P, has worked as a Public Health Professional with Humanitarian agencies across Africa and Asia. He is also an Alaska Air National Guard Pararescueman with experience in risk mitigation of complex operations across global settings. He most recently worked as a Field Safety Coordinator and Search and Rescue Lead with the United States Antarctic Program at McMurdo Station.

Military-Aged Males and Booster Shots: Why the Concern


Most young, healthy, vaccinated military members have a probability so close to zero of having negative outcomes from Covid that there is no feasible reason to consider a booster. Even Dr. Paul Offit, one of the biggest advocates of vaccines, recently advised his 20-something son – an age range about 20% of the military falls into – that he has no need of a Covid booster shot.

Life in Zero-Covid Antarctica


If an enterprise mostly created and funded by the NSF cannot utilize scientific reasoning and accept normalcy where there is no Covid, how can we trust our scientific institutions to seek to in the rest of the world, where Covid is here to stay?

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