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I Cannot Believe It’s Come To This


I have less than two weeks left in my house—my dream house, I might add, where I hoped to live when I retired—and I am angry. COVID is everywhere. I know multiple people who “have it” right now. How is this different from March 2020? COVID is still everywhere, and we can all still get it. This means—conclusively means—that all of our “countermeasures” did nothing. Not one single thing, other than cause grievous harm.

This morning I had my last tennis lesson with a pro I am close to. I nearly cried. She also coaches my daughter. She will find new clients, but this affects her also. My friends who play weekly doubles with me will need to find another player for their foursome. There are two other coaches I hit with every week who now have open lesson time slots. My nine-year-old is sleeping over at her best friend’s on Thursday, the day before the last day of school. The friend cries and cries about my daughter’s departure.

We’ve never lived in Texas, in fact I’d never even been to Texas when we finally decided to bail out of New Jersey, during “Omicron.” Before that, I don’t think my husband thought I was serious about moving. But my intuition had been telling me for months, many of them, that this wasn’t the place for me. I feel betrayed. 

People know. They have to know that COVID makes no sense by now. They have all had it. The symptoms are not new, not unique in any way. These are illnesses we all dealt with for all of our lives, so did our parents and our grandparents. There was never a time when people did not get coughs, body aches, fevers, and sniffles. The only thing new since 2020 is that now people run out and get a test when these symptoms arise, the test tells them their symptoms have a name, and they announce this to everyone they know. There is literally no endpoint to this. People will have to stop testing, or COVID will go on forever.

And that is why I am moving to a place where people don’t “do COVID.” Strangely enough, they are still surviving just fine—the blue state COVID cult pretends this isn’t happening, which makes them look less than brainless. If MSNBC was correct, everyone in Florida and Texas (and all of Africa) would be dead now. Since they are not, perhaps you should start just doing what they do, i.e., letting this sh*t go? 

Don’t bother saying that to any of them, they will just freeze you out. None of them will debate. They can’t. They sidestep the subject and refuse to engage, which is the heart of the betrayal. They are hurting me and my family, I’d like to explain to them why and how—and they smile at me and change the subject. Sometimes they drop a little aside about their latest booster shot. What? You really think Pfizer is holding back the floodgates of mass death? Have you not heard that NO ONE is getting the booster? You are aware that I haven’t had any of those injections, and unlike you, I haven’t even HAD COVID? 

These people are acting as if there was a magical day in March 2020 beyond which it will never be safe to ignore common respiratory symptoms again. That would all be well and good, except for the fact that it is causing harm. Massive harm. Once that is acknowledged, we need to ask why the government is doing what it’s doing. I believe this is the point where they get stuck. They can’t even allow themselves to consider that their political party—which they see as a friend and ally, even better than most of their in-person friends and allies like me—could do something this heinous. Their mind shuts down. They do not want to rebuild their entire worldview and existence, which is what would result if they followed this inquiry to its logical end. 

All of the worst events in history have been committed by governments. All of them. The most powerful entities can make major moves towards maximizing their own interests, moves that the rest of us cannot even imagine making. And they do. And they will. Think of the major historical catastrophes, and then ask yourself what good reason you have to believe that those in power today are all good and honest. Don’t you think the regular people back then thought the same of their governments? Do you think they were openly on board with the gulags and the death fields and the gas chambers? Yet those things managed to happen, under their watch. 

The government today is telling people that half of this country—anyone who disagrees with COVID measures—is really a sadistic killer who hates grandma. Would it be logical to believe that perfectly successful people, mothers, fathers, aunts, uncles, are really totally cold-blooded sadists? No—they are just like you. They want the same thing as you. It is useful to someone, somewhere, to get you to believe these illogical things and fight with your neighbor (who should be your ally). You should be asking who that someone actually is. 

Why are you putting yourself into a position where you are doing things, taking actions, that you refuse to discuss with people who disagree with them? Can’t you defend what you are doing? If you can’t, then why are you doing it? 

The people whose directives you are following talk a lot about “pseudoscience,” always accusing those of us who disagree with their directives of pushing it. But you know what pseudoscience actually is? It’s putting forth a premise that cannot be disproven.

For example: “my COVID would have been worse without my vaccine.” “More grandmas would have died if we would not have locked down, worn masks and taken vaccines.” These two assertions can actually be easily refuted (look at the nations that did not lock down, and the health of the unvaccinated). But you won’t hear the evidence from the people pushing “pseudoscience.” This sets up a situation where you are right just by saying you are right, and the people who know you are wrong have to leave. It’s too aggravating after 2.5 years of enduring this nonsense to stay.

When “Omicron” arrived, the news said it was like a cold. No one would die. Yet you put the masks back on. Why? Why would you want to slow down a cold? Wouldn’t it be better for everyone to just get it at one time, and then everyone forgets about it? Why are you running out for tests, do you actually like quarantining? What are you doing? 

Your spouse had COVID and you didn’t even catch it, before there were any vaccines. So why did you run out and get three vaccines? Why? How many vaccines are too many? Will you be fine if my preschooler is forced to take this pointless vaccine that I strongly disagree with, thanks to your actions—the actions you cannot even explain? I don’t even think you understand what you are doing. But you have an ethical duty to examine your actions, especially once you can see they are impacting someone else. If a ship captain knows his vessel is old and hardly seaworthy, but takes a gamble on “one last voyage” with your children aboard, is that perfectly cool with you? Did he fulfill his basic responsibility to examine his actions, or did he fall short? 

I know it’s painful and troubling to admit that our entire COVID response was a waste of effort and that it caused the most damage of any public policy ever openly enacted in history. I know it’s disturbing to consider the fact that your political “team” went on board with this. Then you have to wonder whether you’re really “the smart ones.” You have to wonder whether you owe some sort of reparations to the people who were harmed by your actions. You have to wonder where we go from here, when the people you trusted were either totally inept or pure evil. 

This is all very hard but it is what needs to be done. They sold you on lockdown by telling you a one-city lockdown in China eradicated the disease from the entire country. That was absurd. You were scared and so you bought it. Now we are here two years later and your kids are still hearing about COVID, your life is continually disrupted, travel is more difficult, communities are more divided, and people like me are accusing you of causing harm. You hurt people and you need to first acknowledge that fact, and then examine how this occurred and search your soul for the reasons you are okay with this. 

I submit that you’re living life in a way that’s most expedient for yourself, doing things that work best for you, that lead to the maximum moment-to-moment comfort and advantages for you. And that is the opposite of what you should be doing. You should be searching for what is right and then doing it no matter how hard it is.

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