Jordan Schachtel

Jordan Schachtel is an Independent investigative journalist.

What Is Motivating the Shanghai Lockdown?

It’s possible that at some point down the line, Chinese authorities became convinced that their Wuhan lockdown actually worked, and that an aggressive level of nationalistic superiority was the reason that China justifies its position as the only country in the world to “eliminate” the virus through lockdowns.

The Shanghai Catastrophe: Lockdown Ideology at Its Most Extreme

Chinese Communist Party authorities are not fazed whatsoever by the human carnage they have manifested. In media appearances Monday, CCP leaders took to doubling down on “the measures” most admired by the Public Health cartel. They remain tethered to “Zero COVID” fanaticism, defiantly declaring that living with the virus remains off the table.


People of Shanghai Forced Into Hard Lockdown

The Wuhan lockdown lasted only a handful of weeks, but its declared “success” in defeating COVID convinced the vast majority of the world to attempt to replicate the severe restrictions. For two years, China has claimed to have stamped out the coronavirus with a lockdown + “COVID Zero” policy, but attempts to replicate the measures have resulted in unprecedented disaster for humanity, as lockdowns catastrophically failed to stop the spread.

Where’s Fauci?

The NIAID’s “Dr Fauci In The News” website, which throughout COVID Mania, has tracked hundreds of its directors major media appearances, has not posted a new appearance since February 17.

Novak Djokovic: Athlete, Rebel, Hero

Props to Novak Djokovic for fighting the good fight and carrying the torch. For using his platform to fight for the rights of every individual against the forces of government tyranny, he’s the new People’s Champ.

Why the Vaccine Nationalism?

Most countries are pursuing their vaccine strategy in line with their current alliance structure. This reality does not seem to conform to the narrative of a global, devastating plague, but rather, a geopolitical struggle in the name of a virus. China’s allies are committing to China’s vaccines. Russia’s allies are committing to Russia’s vaccines. The Western world is committing to the U.S.-based shots, plus the Oxford-Astrazeneca shot.

Freedom Won the Lockdown Battle

In America, due to government edicts, our overall health declined, we got sicker, we saw an unprecedented obesity increase, among other issues caused by “public health” interventions. Far from solving the virus issue at hand, it’s become clear that all of these mandates and restrictions just added additional problems on top of the issue of an endemic seasonal virus.

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