Liam Cosgrove

Liam Cosgrove graduated as a mathematics major from UCSB. He is 26 years old and currently works as an editor at Real Vision Finance.

How Much Have Vaccine Mandates Contributed to the Great Resignation?

There’s a sinister, symptom of denying that the labor shortage and vaccine mandates are unrelated. It absolves political leaders of accountability. Given that unemployment is a major bipartisan issue, average citizens may oppose mandates if they thought they were contributing to driving people out of the workforce. 

Regulatory Capture in the Age of Covid

Our systems are mired in good old-fashioned crony capitalism, fascism, corporatism, mercantilism, protectionism…. fancy words for when private companies work with governments to subvert the forces of competition. The suppression of research into off-patent drugs is a notable symptom of this problem.

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