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Lucia Sinatra

Lucia is a recovering corporate securities attorney. After becoming a mother, Lucia turned her attention to fighting inequities in public schools in California for students with learning disabilities. She co-founded to help fight college vaccine mandates.

Santa Clara University

Santa Clara University Students Must Take Covid Vaccines or Withdraw


Given that the emergency is officially over, and the shots have proven to be both ineffective and in some cases harmful, now more than ever, SCU must defend the science and ethics behind their refusal to drop them. In the absence of such transparency, we are left to assume that Osofsky, along with SCCMA and SCCPH, must be using SCU students as mere pawns to achieve their unscientific and authoritarian vaccination goals and quotas.

University of Chicago

University of Chicago Students Speak Out


For the past three years, students at the University of Chicago have been exposing the facade without intimidation or fear, and they just keep raising the bar. One week from today, students will be hosting academic and industry leaders to discuss “Academia’s COVID Failures”, and you cannot miss the livestream of this event.

college vaccine mandates

It’s Insane that Colleges Still Mandate Vaccines


Even with the pandemic clearly over, the FDA continues to issue emergency-use authorizations for COVID-19 vaccines and tests. We have no idea what any of this means for college mandates, but we do know that after three long years, we have had enough. Students and parents will no longer be silenced. If college bureaucrats aren’t willing to end their reckless and outdated COVID-19 policies now, parents will shift their support to colleges that do.

college mandates

An Update on College Mandates


Colleges have known since mid-2021 that COVID-19 vaccines do not prevent infection or reduce the community spread. In addition, college students are not at high risk for severe illness or hospitalization from COVID-19, yet they are forced to risk potential adverse events when they are stripped of the fundamental right to informed consent and a risk/benefit analysis in consultation with health care providers.

No College Mandates

End All College Covid-19 Vaccination Mandates


To mandate a medical intervention is to violate the fundamental right to medical choice. Therefore, the decision to mandate must be based on nothing less than incontrovertible medical necessity. In the case of Covid-19 college vaccine mandates, that standard cannot be met based on current science and real-life experience.

Covid-19 at College: Which Institutions Stayed Sane and Which Went Insane?


A review of college mitigation policies suggests that the more elite the college the more draconian the mitigation measures. With some digging, you can uncover a wide range of excellent private and public colleges. Most important to keep in mind; any school that makes complying with mandates a non-negotiable condition to making dreams come true should promptly be removed from the list.

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