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Medical Freedom: Why It Matters


I received a phone call a few weeks ago inviting me to speak at Defeat The Mandates at Grand Park in Los Angeles on April 10, 2022. To say I was honored would be an understatement. This is the second rally organized by the sponsors of Defeat the Mandates, and whether you agree or not, both the Washington, DC and Los Angeles, CA rallies are monumentally historic events. 

These rallies will forever be remembered as representations of the greatest fight the world has ever seen for the restoration of medical freedom of choice. There were over 25,000 in attendance, but unless your search alternative media sources, you’ll never find the true number or the powerful speeches that were delivered on Sunday. 

As we have come to learn, however, just because it wasn’t widely covered by mainstream media, doesn’t mean it wasn’t monumental. Brownstone, however, did cover it

I am most proud that my teenagers and college students everywhere will remember that I had the courage and the voice to speak against illegal and unethical college vaccine mandates, and that I will never give up this fight until we defeat the mandates. Below is an abbreviated version of the speech I delivered at the rally in Los Angeles.


Hello Los Angeles. My name is Lucia Sinatra. I am the mother of a college student in New Hampshire and a high school student in California. I am also a non-practicing attorney. If there were ever a time to come out of retirement, I am pretty sure that time is now. 

Our primary mission at is fighting for the college population, but like all the speakers here today, we fight for vaccine choice for everyone. 

College students never needed COVID-19 vaccines, and they certainly don’t need boosters. Consider these facts:

  • College students have a 99.98% survival rate for COVID-19.
  • Researchers estimate that around 40% of college students have already had COVID-19.
  • The risks of vaccination are 10x higher for males than females AND all students have twice the risk of an adverse event after vaccination if they have already recovered from COVID-19.

So why are more than 1,000 colleges mandating these vaccines? Well, the answer is a complicated one, but it begins with the false information propagated by our public health agencies.

When the shots rolled out, our government and our agencies boldly proclaimed that if you got the shot, you wouldn’t get the virus and you couldn’t spread the virus. Even though the CDC has since walked this back, colleges STILL push communications to students with these old claims. They are simply not true.

Colleges failed to do 2 critical things: acknowledge that natural immunity from a previous infection offers the best protection and a risk benefit analysis because if they had, they would have NEVER MANDATED vaccines. 

Vaccine mandates have led to injuries and deaths, but since the CDC hasn’t prioritized these investigations, colleges refuse to acknowledge that they exist. Instead, they have instilled fear in their campus communities because they WILL NOT follow the real science.

Fighting mandates on college campuses is isolating and ostracizing.  When faced with giving up your dreams, the coercion is unbearable. Many students have caved under the pressure. 

Colleges are seeing an unprecedented rise in mental health disorders resulting from their draconian measures. Colleges would rather enforce outdated policies than prioritize the emotional well-being or the prevention of substance abuse and suicides of our young. Deaths in from drug overdoses and suicides over the past two years have far surpassed deaths of our young from COVID-19.  This is the real damage that is being done.

WE THE PEOPLE have the power to end this. We need your voice, we need your advocacy and we need you to join this fight. 

Colleges are huge money makers. They are paid to serve our students; NOT the other way around. So here’s what we can do about it. STOP donating to colleges! Sign up to testify at Board of Trustee meetings! Demand to see the science used to justify their mandates. Relying on flawed public health recommendations is NOT science.

Find resources and contact us at Find me on Twitter or GETTR @freecollegekids so I can connect you with others in your communities. When you find them, join together and file lawsuits if you are able. Find the college students who have spoken out, encourage them and amplify their voices. Keep pushing for opportunities to educate and engage administrators. Relentlessly challenge them to reflect on the critical thinking they are paid to encourage in our students.

We will win this – it is non-negotiable. We CANNOT and WILL NOT give up the fight until we have restored informed consent and medical freedom for all.

Thank you

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  • Lucia Sinatra

    Lucia is a recovering corporate securities attorney. After becoming a mother, Lucia turned her attention to fighting inequities in public schools in California for students with learning disabilities. She co-founded to help fight college vaccine mandates.

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