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Manfred Horst, MD, PhD, MBA, studied medicine in Munich, Montpellier and London. He spent most of his career in the pharmaceutical industry, most recently in the research & development department of Merck & Co/MSD. Since 2017, he has been working as an independent consultant for pharma, biotech and healthcare companies (

models absurd

Covid Vaccines Have Saved Millions of Lives…in Models 


It is not surprising that all those who promoted them are now desperately trying to cling on to their story. How? Well, let’s publish some models, as we have done since the inception of the whole Covid propaganda and hysteria. Who needs hard clinical data? 

Quo usque tandem abutere, Corona, patientia nostra?


The big open question, however, is what the political fallout will be from science’s return to truth. If it helps the constitutional state turn away from its absurd noble goals – war against a virus, fight against a climate change – and make it adhere to its real task – regulating the peaceful coexistence of people while respecting the freedom and dignity of the individual – then the many victims of the Covid hysteria will perhaps not have suffered entirely in vain.

A Common Sense Look at 20 million Saved Lives 


The Imperial College authors want us to believe that without the COVID vaccines the world’s total death toll would have risen by at least a third in 2021 (had they included China, their result would have come close to an increase of 50%), and that this rise would have been entirely due to COVID-19. How does this not seem completely ludicrous to anybody with a remnant of common and clinical sense?

Another Look at Covid Vaccine Studies


All the observational studies which have been carried out with the Covid-19 vaccines suffer, apart from some of the well-known general biases, from exactly the same fundamental flaw:  They show a decrease in “Covid-19-related” symptom-free or symptomatic cases, hospitalizations or deaths, but they do not ask the question whether this decline in test-positive patients translates into an overall reduction of flu cases, of (atypical) pneumonias, of hospitalizations and deaths. 

Mortality Data

A Closer look at US 2020 Mortality Data


The increase in age-specific death rates in the younger parts of the population (15 – 54 years old) has been extraordinarily significant – it is above 20%. And one cannot even state the hypothesis (which – even if the numbers fit – would still have to be examined) that this increase is due to COVID-19: Just look at the numbers, the COVID-19 death rates in these age groups are far too small. Something else must have led to this increase in mortality in the younger population. 

A Closer Look at Germany’s Covid Mortality


The conclusion is that the Coronavirus has no influence on the mortality of the 50-70 age groups. And that very conclusion is the same for all groups below 80 years of age. As 80 is the average age of death in the population, the general conclusion therefore is that the Coronavirus has no influence on population mortality.

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