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Michael Betrus is the author of COVID-19: Lockdowns on Trial and the new COVID-19: The Science vs. The Lockdowns.

How the Media Fueled the Lockdowns


History needs to remember the lockdowns as the most harmful, ineffective public policy America and the world had ever seen. Study the data for yourself next time and reconcile any one opinion you hear with another that gives an opposing view.

The CDC: Source of Misinformation


It’s very puzzling why the CDC, most in the media and in the medical community hung on to many COVID-19 restrictions when the data was so apparent they didn’t suppress COVID-19. The lasting impact of this will be distrust in public health and those in the media.

Grading the Governors: Who Locked Down and Who Opened?


Not one governor performed perfectly during the pandemic and lockdowns. With media pressure, a desire to balance their constituents, and a desire to get reelected and move on to federal positions down the road, it was an enormously difficult job for all of them. For every single one, from Governors Newsom and Cuomo to Noem and DeSantis, it was the most challenging policy-making of their careers, and for any governor in perhaps American history

Is Masking Kids at School Working?


The hospitalization rate is nearly identical. There is no discernible difference between outcomes of infection or hospitalization for kids in communities where face masks are required in school and those where face coverings are optional.

Mandated Vaccines

Where Is the Science or Logic Behind Mandated Vaccines?


The people at Pfizer, Moderna, Janssen and even frontline healthcare workers understand the science and data behind the vaccines better than anyone. If even a large minority of these people are reluctant or refuse to get vaccinated, it should tell us all something. COVID-19 is not a one-size-fits-all disease and should not be treated as such. 

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