Sarabeth Matilsky

Sarabeth Matilsky writes about her family’s unschooling adventures, trying to find as much humor as she can.

Silent No More: Voices Against Restrictions and Mandates

There were MANY of my colleagues who took this vaccine and they did not want to take this vaccine. They took it to keep their employment, to put food on the table, and I would never judge anyone for doing that, but it was horrible, the way they were being pushed into it. 

Defeat the Mandates LA: A Report 

It’s absolutely never that you will meet another human with whom you have everything in common, and agree on every topic. The important part is finding common ground. And it turns out that right now, the most important common ground I can think of is medical freedom, and bodily autonomy, which has landed me in the midst of a fascinating movement that is more diverse than any community of which I have ever been a part. 

What the Truckers Want

What the Truckers Want: An Explanation for the Confused

These truckers and others drove from California to Hagerstown, MD, over a week and a half – and all across the country, from overpasses, at evening rallies, and all along the highways, Americans turned out to cheer them on. Hundreds of thousands if not millions of Americans turned out to show their support for the truckers, and hundreds of thousands if not millions more cheered them on from their homes, unable to be there in person. 

What Will We Tell Our Children?

Masks are actually part of a very big deal for children, because they interfere with every aspect of normal social functioning, and raising an entire generation of kids to believe that hiding their faces is normal, and that it plus “testing” completes their civic duty toward our collective public health. 

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