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Defeat the Mandates LA: A Report 


On Sunday, April 10, Defeat the Mandates came to LA. The hope, after a similar march on Washington, DC that attracted 40,000 people, was to bring some sanity and solidarity to the Golden State. 

While many people are bored of thinking and talking about Covid, and the virus itself has gotten milder and milder as viruses do, there is an issue: the United States’ political response to Covid is NOT getting milder, even while “mandates fall.” This matters to you even if you wish it didn’t, even if you have “Covid Fatigue,” even if you are happy with your vaccines and boosters, and even if you don’t live in California. If you are one of the millions who got vaccinated under duress, you have likely noticed: it wasn’t enough to make all this go away. 

Way back in 2015, pharmaceutical companies had already elected some helpful politicians to carry out certain key “public health” missions in the state of California: removing religious and personal belief exemptions for childhood vaccines, and making it nearly impossible for doctors to legally grant medical vaccine exemptions for school attendance, even if a child has been previously injured by vaccines, or has a family member who was injured or killed by a vaccine.

It is very beneficial for Big Pharma when vaccines are mandated for school attendance: it qualifies them for protection under a 1986 law that completely removes liability for vaccine manufacturers when people are injured and killed by their products. And it’s very helpful to get legislation passed in California first, because California’s economy is Very Large Indeed.

Ten new bills introduced recently in California aim to expand Big Pharma’s money-making potential, and set a precedent for expanded liability protection and massive profits. If passed, these bills would make Covid vaccines mandatory for all California students, allow children to be vaccinated without parental approval, define anti-narrative speech as “misinformation,” deny funding to local police departments if they refuse to carry out disciplinary actions against those who violate public health orders, including the “spread” of “misinformation,” forbid doctors to share non-narrative “misinformation” with their patients, and more. 

Everything that is happening with Covid policies in the entire USA connects with the fact that we have been living under a “state of emergency” since March 2020. Despite the fact that there is no emergency, these emergency orders (that Biden just renewed for another entire year) cause certain constitutional rights to be suspended, such as a person’s right to work independent of Covid Vax Status. It’s truly a big moment for Big Pharma, and they are not planning to squander it while you and I take a little break after two years of lockdown fatigue.

I had been looking forward to the April 10 rally, since I’ve been following the Truckers’ Peoples’ Convoy for nearly two months and was hoping that the consistently non-partisan populism embodied by the Convoy would be echoed on a larger scale on the stage in L.A.

The first 2.5 hours of speeches were full of fire and brimstone, and a lot of anger and frustration and political rhetoric. There were lots of faith leaders and community organizers extolling the need for political action. And actually, I share these sentiments. It is shameful that “health” and “well-being” and the potential of the scientific method have been weaponized against so many billions of people around the world, and especially here in the United States, in the name of Covid Response. 

It is insanity that one would even have to debate the merits of medical mandates for a vaccine that never prevented transmission of the virus (not to mention that it possesses limited efficacy after multiple boosters, and safety issues that Big Pharma would like us never to consider). 

But still: partisan politics doesn’t fill me with hope for the future of the medical freedom movement.

However, as I tell my children, it’s absolutely never that you will meet another human with whom you have everything in common, and agree on every topic. The important part is finding common ground. And it turns out that right now, the most important common ground I can think of is medical freedom, and bodily autonomy, which has landed me in the midst of a fascinating movement that is more diverse than any community of which I have ever been a part. 

I grew up in a family steeped in progressive politics. I was taught that it is a person’s moral imperative to question authoritarianism, think for oneself, look out for and be compassionate toward those less fortunate; to demand honesty, accountability, wisdom, and fairness from elected officials; to be respectful and tolerant of different beliefs and lifestyles; to speak out against injustice; and most of all: To Do The Right Thing, even when it’s hard. We progressives don’t do the right thing because of religion, or law, or sponsorship, but because it is right. We stand together against Goliath, we seek truth over power always, and together we move mountains. 

At least, that’s my interpretation of what being left-wing means.

I would be admittedly less lonely these days if more progressives were standing up for medical freedom. But many have instead swiftly embraced both authoritarian Covid policies and authoritarian government, censorship, deplatforming, name-calling, fearmongering, and partisan bickering over the past two years, and it has often made me wonder whether I am actually left-wing after all. But even more often lately, I wonder if those who jumped ship have changed their values much more so than I. 

Or perhaps, as Darren Allen points out, these perceived differences are beside the point:

“The world, and recent history, is full of poor people who have rallied under leftist flags, proclaiming ‘brotherhood’ and ‘solidarity’ and ‘charity’ and so on. What I would like to argue is that these ‘values’ — to which we might even add ‘empathy’ and ‘love’ — are no more ‘leftist values’ than ‘tradition,’ ‘individuality,’ and ‘freedom’ are ‘rightist values’. They are human values (or qualities) which are hijacked by socialist thinkers in the first case and capitalist thinkers in the second and appended to their system-friendly ideologies. 

I have to remind myself that grief over losing old friends is something best to process separately from gratitude for new ones, and separately still from the essential task of Finding Bits of Truth. 

As one friend put it, “It IS interesting that our liberal parents and mentors who were always highly skeptical of Big Pharma, government, and sick care systems are now convinced of their infallibility. How did that happen? 

“I wouldn’t say the apple fell far from the tree in my case – now I happen to be skeptical of those things, too – but then the tree got up and went somewhere else!”

Somewhere around hour #2 of the speeches, members of the Front Line COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance (FLCCC) spoke. Since January 2020, these doctors (many thousands of them) have successfully treated hundreds of thousands of Covid patients with various protocols, focusing on early treatment as the key to highly successful outcomes. They have written books, produced podcasts, shared information, and tried to reason with our sold-out public health administrators and agencies. 

For their efforts, these doctors have been censored, deplatformed, ignored, and had their licenses removed by agents of our corporate-state authority. Not once have federal public health authorities acknowledged how important it is for Covid patients to receive early treatment. (In order to get an emergency use authorization for an experimental, fast-tracked vaccine, there must not exist any other treatment alternatives for the disease in the question.) FLCCC doctors describe the shameful and unrelenting propaganda and suppression of information that caused millions of people in 2020 to die needlessly from Covid – and how still, today, if you go to a hospital with complications from Covid, you are unlikely to have access to early treatment that could save your life.

What follows are selected excerpts of particularly interesting speeches given at the Defeat the Mandates LA, lightly edited by me for clarity only.


  1. Bob Sears

I am a pediatrician, trained at Georgetown University in Washington DC, and right over there at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles. I think I was pretty darn well-trained to think for myself, to question everything, and to always put my patients first, no matter what. You are all here today because you also like to think for yourselves, and ask questions, and you have witnessed firsthand what our Pharma-funded government and medical industry are trying to force on all of us. You are here because you are tired of it, like I am, and you aren’t going to take it anymore.

But I want to tell you something. None of this is new. Everything that has been happening with Covid, and the Covid vaccine, has already been happening for decades now. Vaccine Mandates. People losing their jobs for not vaccinating. Children being kicked out of schools simply because their parents want to raise them more naturally. Vaccines rushed to market without adequate safety research – sound familiar? The medical community denying that vaccine injury is real, and canceling anyone who dares to speak up. Our society has been discriminating against people of a certain medical persuasion for decades now. 

A wise man once said, “There is nothing new under the sun.” And who would know better than King Solomon, how the love of money, and the thirst for power, always leads to evil in the end? I have been fighting our Pharma-funded mandates for a quarter of a century now, and I know some of you here today have been fighting even longer than I have. And for all of you who have just woken up, welcome to the fight!

Millions of Americans have come before you and have fought for you, and we’re finally becoming a bigger people. You all were shocked last year when you realized our government and medical experts don’t always tell you the truth when it comes to infectious disease and vaccines. You saw them deny that Covid vaccines can injure people. Myocarditis. Bleeding disorders. Strokes and heart attacks. Don’t worry, people, these are all just coincidence! Tens of thousands of inconvenient coincidences. Denial of vaccine injury isn’t new at all. Our CDC and medical industry have been denying vaccine injury for decades, even while many tens of thousands of injuries are reported each and every year from vaccines against the flu, chicken pox, HPV, and others. All of them written off as “coincidences.” 

You all woke up last year to the fact that our government was overblowing the danger of Covid. They were selling fear to prepare you to accept the coming vaccine mandates. And they had to make you believe that Covid is just as deadly for children so that you would accept their Covid mandates for schools. But none of this is new. They have been sowing fear of disease for decades, assuring you that if you don’t vaccinate, not only will you die, but so will everybody else around you. That if you don’t “do your part” to keep everyone vaccinated against devastating diseases – like chickenpox, the flu, mumps, HPV, hepatitis, and now Covid – that we will all die. And because some of you won’t comply, they’re taking your choice away and making vaccines mandatory. 

It is my greatest hope that we, the people, will finally come together – vaccinated and unvaccinated, as friends, neighbors, coworkers, and colleagues, and tell our government that they can no longer divide us, that our children can go to school together, that we can live, work, and play together, and that we can all be humans together again. And that no matter how scientifically justified they think their discrimination is, it is not okay. 

I’m here today to help end all vaccine mandates. You can get vaccines, or not get vaccines – I really don’t care. I’ll be your friend, and I’ll hug you no matter what you choose. All I care about is that you get to choose.


  1. Brett Weinstein

I thought the danger had passed for the moment. I thought the tyrannical force that has oozed and flowed across the West was finally receding, that Omicron and spring weather were driving it into retreat. Even in deep blue Portland where I live, masks were coming off and life was returning to something like normal. 

But I was wrong. The danger hasn’t gone anywhere. I discovered this when two friends contacted me about Covid policy in California, where I was raised. Even as masks are coming down here in California, the mandates that matter most are gearing up. 

I am not against vaccines. Quite the opposite: as a tropical biologist who has worked with wild mammals, I am more like a vaccine enthusiast. I have been glad for the immunity vaccination has given me to yellow fever and rabies, and I look forward to the day when I can say the same about dengue and malaria. 

As a biology professor, I have been thrilled to teach my students about the human immune system, and the fascinating and elegant way a good vaccine can provide what is in effect a firmware update that adds immunity to new diseases. 

But ladies and gentleman, as a father, husband, brother, friend, and as a student of history, I’m terrified. I’m terrified by the industry that has captured vaccine technology and turned it from a lifesaving medical tool into an industrial profit center. I’m terrified by what is known and what is not yet known about these new technologies that are so aggressively and universally being deployed – deployed, so far as I can tell, without a hint of reasonable caution. It would be negligent even if all the science were positive so far. It is utterly reckless in light of the evidence of risk that has already emerged.

We need excellent vaccines. We need them properly tested, and we need accurate information on their risks and benefits. We need our doctors, nurses, and scientists free to assess, discuss, and advise as they were trained to do. In short, we need all the ingredients of informed consent, and we citizens need the freedom to compare notes so we can protect ourselves and our families from the capture of our medical apparatus by forces with a higher priority than our health.

What we have instead, in place of accurate information, is phony scientific “consensus,” suddenly generated and ruthlessly maintained through intimidation and fear. And in place of consent, we have a coercive, one size fits all mandate policy, all of which makes a mockery of our rights as citizens of the West, and as Americans.

Let’s be clear: these mandates make no sense from the perspective of controlling the pandemic. They prevent neither contraction nor transmission of the disease, and cannot therefore rid the world of Covid, not even in principle. They also draw no distinction between the vulnerable and the naturally immune, and make no allowance for innate immunity of the young, nor the special vulnerability of pregnant women.

These policies are utterly incoherent from a health perspective. But there is another purpose to which they seem all too perfectly tailored: by driving those who are rightly hesitant about the Covid vaccines from many professions, the mandates create a world in which the powerful have a submissive and compliant workforce at their disposal. All those who intend to raise objections are being forced out of our police forces, our military, our hospitals, and our universities. The danger of that filtering could not be more grave.

In 1946, the world sat in judgement of the Nazis at Nuremberg. Those on trial claimed that they had simply been following orders. The world rightly concluded that the fact of having been ordered was no defense. 

A person has a moral obligation that transcends any duty to leaders or the chain of command. We have a sacred, absolute obligation to oppose immoral orders. That much is crystal clear. It is a civilizing insight, built on the graves of six million innocent people.

But what happens if a person gives an immoral order in 2022? To the police, to the military, to our medical professionals? Will they stand up and say, No? The chances of that have dropped dramatically in the last year, as those with the strongest tendency to object have been driven out for refusing, based on incomplete information, to consent to an experimental medical treatment.

The irony, of course, is that the orders these soldiers, cops, doctors, nurses, and professors rejected were themselves a clear violation of the Nuremberg code, defining a basic right to informed consent. The Covid vaccine mandates have in this way rolled back humanity’s hard-won gains at Nuremberg twice over. 

We have a massive medical experiment conducted on patients without informed consent, and those who refuse to enforce, accept, or administer the mandated experimental treatment are cast out of their chosen professions. We are unlearning the most important lessons of history. 

Informed consent and refusing immoral orders have, in a single year, been replaced with a universal requirement to take a radically new medical treatment and shut up about the unscientific and immoral logic behind it. Those who refuse are stigmatized, surrender basic rights, and driven to the economic fringe. I don’t know if the unmaking of Nuremberg is intentional, but regardless: the danger in these policies could not possibly be more real. We are setting the stage for the next tragedy of history. Our highest obligation is to resist and to pull as hard as we possibly can in the opposite direction. 

If our rights are to be protected, if our health is to be improved, if we are to benefit from good vaccines and good medication and good information, we must regain control of our captured system. We must preserve the gains of Nuremberg, liberate the practice of medicine from the pharmaceutical industry, defeat the mandates, and come together as Americans. 


  1. Mike Landis (co-leader of The People’s Convoy)

How about it, my freedom loving family! Wow, this is something! I never in my wildest dreams would have thought that I’d be standing here as a truck driver, I can tell you that much! However, here we are, huh? I can’t believe it! I just want to give a big shout-out to everybody that’s followed us, everybody that’s come along, everybody that’s stood up, and particularly there’s a bunch of doctors who got ahold of us when we started putting this together, that joined forces and made this thing just crazy…

…So, we started in California, and we’re baaaa-aaaack! You know, we went to DC and we got there and obviously had our First Amendment rights trampled on by some snow plows all around town, and then we found out about these bills that are getting ready to be voted on out here in California, and they directly attack what our convoy stands for, which is: your freedom, your freedom of choice, our constitutional rights, our human rights, and our god-given rights, and we said, hey, you know what? Maybe we should go back to Sacramento and let them know that there are some people who ain’t into this! So now, here we are.

And I’m gonna ask all of you who are out here and watching, to join us in Sacramento starting on the 18th, ‘cause we’re gonna be there for about a week or two, letting the Capitol know that we don’t like what they’re doing. Follow us along at . We’re gonna head up there next weekend, and we won’t be easy to miss.


  1. Brian Brase (co-leader of The People’s Convoy)

Hello, LA! Wow! Look at all of you, I can’t believe it, I can’t even talk… Man, I can’t even BEGIN! Like Mike said, it’s so humbling to see all this and the support that we got, going all the way across the country from Adelanto, CA to Hagerstown and on to DC and then ALL THE WAY back! You guys are amazing, this country’s amazing, everyone’s starting to wake up, and it’s ABOUT TIME!

Lotta people tried to paint us as Anti Vaxxers or Alt Right or Some Craziness, and that ain’t us! Listen, we’re not doctors, we’re not lawyers, we’re not scientists, we don’t work in labs, we have no idea whether vaccines are safe or not, but I’ll tell you something: We Are Americans! We Are Humans! As such, we are protected by the Constitution of the United States of America. This [the continuing “state of emergency” and the suspension of constitutional rights during this time] is not a left issue. This is not a right issue. This is an American issue, this is a global issue, this is a violation of your human rights, and countries around the world, nations, have gone to war over human rights violations. 

So I ask everyone: around the world, not just in this state, but around the world, to STAND UP! Now is the time! To remind our government, and governments around the world, that they work for us!

Thank you all for coming out! Come on up to Sacramento. Big shout-out to Fire Station 68. Over 7,000 first responders in LA County alone are about to lose their jobs for standing up. First responders in LA County and around the world: The People’s Convoy has your back! 


  1. Max Blumenthal

What’s up, L.A.?! I’m Max Blumenthal, from, and I regret to inform you that I’m a member of the media, the worst profession in the country. Actually, I’m one of the good ones. We’ll talk about that in a second. 

I want to talk about what’s been happening in the world for the last two years, because for two years we’ve seen one of the biggest grassroots movements unfold before our eyes: the medical freedom movement, which has seen millions of people around the world march against unscientific, anti-worker mandates in their own societies, from the indigenous Bolivians of El Alto, to Moroccans in Casa Blanca, to Iranians in Tehran, from Beirut, to Berlin, to Boston, to Los Angeles. And what is this about? It’s about decent, working people, around the world, trying to hold onto their humanity, their basic rights, their bodily autonomy and their very sanity in the face of the cold and ruthless machine that seeks to reduce every individual to a QR code and condition their participation in society and their very ability to work on their willingness to take an experimental gene therapy. 

That is unacceptable, and you know what else is unacceptable? Those who try to make this into a right versus left issue. All they’re trying to do is confuse, divide, hoodwink, and bamboozle on behalf of the billionaire class that represents the real winners of this pandemic. This is not about left vs. right, this is about our economic rights, our human rights, and our constitutional rights, and that’s why we’re here today. 

We watched for the past two years as Big Pharma and its oligarchic investors puppeteered our government, putting the FDA and CDC in its back pocket while turning our politicians into corporate sales reps, guaranteeing Pfizer and Moderna combined profits of $65,000 per minute. Per MINUTE! Using your bodies as profit centers, while working class Americans suffered the sharpest increase in poverty in 50 years. We’ve watched the wealth of the world’s ten richest men DOUBLE since the lockdowns began.

We’ve watched small businesses be destroyed, entire countries plunged deeper into debt, while the most vulnerable youth were deprived of the right to education. And now in New York City, we watch as wealthy and famous celebrities are allowed to work without a mandate, but healthy firefighters, medical workers, and teachers, people doing the most important jobs in this country, are not allowed to work because they disobey the mandates. 

And we’re here to say: LET THEM WORK!

Listen to the profit-driven, anti-people system here. I’m sorry, but this is not “socialism,” this is “corporatism,” and we live in a corporate state, a ruthless, imperialist corporate state, that exists in a permanent state of war and which divides to conquer, and which created a false division between the vaccinated and the unvaccinated, in order to further shatter the solidarity of the 99%. 

I want to tell you about the most courageous journalist of our time. His name is Julian Assange. …Julian Assange, before he was a political prisoner, reminded us that every war of our lifetime, from Vietnam, to Iraq, to the NATO proxy war in the Ukraine, has been sold to us with the lies of the corporate media. And this too is true of the war waged on the people of this country under the banner of a pandemic.

Today as we know, Julian Assange sits in a maximum security prison for exposing the lies of the national security state, and they’re trying to kill him. And the same corporate apparatus that silenced Assange has set out to censor and smear anyone who has called out the lies that have given rise to a biomedical security state. Under the corporate state, character assassination, censorship, and official silencing is the price of telling the truth, and we understand that at The Grayzone, and we will never stop telling the truth. And so I’m here on behalf of the part of the media that is still independent, and still disobedient, and still defiant, and still says F.U., we won’t do what you tell me; to the stenographers, and the shills, and the war paint of the corporate state: We will not be silenced, and you will not win!


  1. Member of LAFD

You don’t just join a fire department and get a job: you join a fire family. And this is my fire family behind me, and out in this crowd. All of us here joined this job because we wanted to help serve the community, run into the chaos, make peace, and serve those who are in need. It wasn’t that long ago that we were called “heroes.” That’s a title that none of us like because it makes us uncomfortable. 

But nonetheless, that’s what we were called. We were happy to show up when no one else would. We showed up, they stayed home, and that was no problem. We knew the risks when we took this job. 

A few months back, it was determined that we either had to be vaccinated, have an exemption of some kind, or we would be terminated. We instantly went from heroes, to zeros. For exercising our god-given rights to say no.

I was a Beverly Hills firefighter/paramedic for eleven years. It meant the world to me. I tried to comply. I filled out an exemption, and they denied it. My religious beliefs were not strong enough, or perhaps not the right ones, but it was decided by one individual in HR that they were not good enough. She gave me no reasoning, no justification, she used no criteria. It was completely unjust. Then they immediately, unjustly, disregarded my due process and put me on unpaid leave on October 1st. 

The one thing they didn’t count on was that at that moment, they activated the fighting spirit inside of me. Since then, I’ve been doing everything in my power to educate the community, to fight against this tyranny. Because after all, it isn’t government or man who gives us power, it is bestowed on us by God, our creator, who gives us our rights and our freedoms. I refuse to give those up for any man or any paycheck, so I stand strong with my brothers and sisters behind me, to stand against this tyranny. 


  1. Jamel Holley, Democratic Politician from New Jersey

….I came here today because I’m a black man, and I’m a black Democrat, been elected for 16 years – and I believe in medical freedom, and I believe in you. 

You know, our Declaration of Independence was founded upon the idea that all men are created equal. I believe that. And there’s been times in our history where the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution have been interrupted. And during those moments in history, there were heroes – men, women, all races, Democrats, Republicans, Independents, who stood up as heroes – to fight against that interruption.

Have you ever heard that phrase, “History repeats itself?” Well, history is repeating itself. Because at this moment in time when we’re fighting for our medical freedom, our Constitution and our Declaration of Independence are being interrupted. But guess what? Just like history repeated itself when those men and women, those Democrats, those Republicans, those Independents, those vaccinated, those unvaccinated came together to defend themselves back then, each and every one of you are doing the same goddamn thing right now. 

We won in NJ, the headquarters of Big Pharma, and we can do that across America, because we’re doing it right now. They didn’t expect you to stand up, but you did. And today is about men, women, black, white, Democrat, Republican, Independent, unvaccinated, vaccinated, whatever-cinnated you want to be…that you are standing here today because you want to make a medical decision for yourselves. 

So now there’s a new agenda. And now we have to step up and stand up and run for public office. Now, not everyone’s an elected official, or chooses to be an elected official. It’s a tough job. But I’m about to introduce individuals who came up and said, “We are no longer going to sit on the sidelines, and we’re going to sign up, and we’re going to be candidates for office.” And you must support them! 

Before I introduce them, I want to simply say, Thank you to all of you. Thank you to all the individuals who are watching on the Highwire, thank you for all the individuals who are watching this across the world. And I want to take a minute to thank all of the volunteers, Del Bigtree, Children’s Health Defense, I wanna thank Michael Kane, and Bobby Kennedy…there’s a lot that goes on behind the scenes to make things like this happen. And what about those goddamn truckers?! 

So folks, continue to support the medical freedom movement, because it’s not an easy ride. I’m a Democrat, I’m a black Democrat, and it ain’t easy in the Democratic Party. But I wanted to be here today to let you know that we do exist. And we may not agree on every issue, fundamentally, but where we do meet, and where I do meet with you, is that everyone has the right to make a medical decision for themselves. Period. And so, let’s give it up for those people running for public office across the United States of America!


  1. Reinette Senum, Independent candidate for California Governor

Hello, Californians! 

My name is Reinette Senum, and I’m here to replace Newsom – I’m running for governor. And you better believe I’m here to be his biggest nightmare. I am not running with any party affiliation because you cannot serve a party and the people simultaneously. I’m not here to serve Money, I’m here to serve The Many. 

And most importantly, I’m here to serve the seven-generation principle, which is: every decision you make today should serve seven generations from now. Because what we have done, is we have let down the children, and the children’s children, and…NOT ON MY WATCH. 

This is a game-changing moment in time, but do understand that one person is not going to save you. I’m going to get in there, and I’m going to make the changes, but we need every single one of you, because this is all-hands-on-deck. 

So, on the count of three – this is all about waking up the Mama Bears – I want seven generations to hear it: “WAKE THE BEARS!” 

Thank you, everyone.


  1. Jo Rose, Co-founder, the NY Freedom Rally 

[it must be stated in order to understand the intended irony in her words below: Ms. Rose possesses skin the color of beautiful brown coffee]

Hello, L.A.! It is a pleasure to be here. Coast to coast, because we have a country to save, especially the children.

A little bit about myself: I was working for the Department of Education in New York City. My parents came here from the Dominican Republic, seeking financial opportunities in the country that is supposed to be where everyone and anybody can make it. This is the American dream, so they say.

In March 2020, when they told me that I had to stay home, that I couldn’t go back to work, I immediately told people that something really, really wrong was happening in this country, and all over the world. I was called a conspiracy theorist, they said. They told me that I was crazy. As time went by, I was proven right. Today, because I speak for the children, and because I’m standing up for freedom, I’m being called a white supremacist and a white nationalist. To that, this is what I have to say: if standing up for freedom makes me a white supremacist and a white nationalist, then I’m going to claim that I’m white nationalist!

…I don’t care if I have to stand with them in the cold, if I have to stand in the rain or the snow: there’s a group of people that are here, and we have been going at it nonstop, day after day, working together. Because if this country falls, there’s nowhere else to run, and it’s important that people understand that – that freedom is on the shoulders of every American. Because if America falls, the rest of the countries that look up to us as the leader of free nations…what message are we sending them when we have children in New York City, from ages two to four with MASKS ON, while the mayors and the governor get to go out and do whatever the hell they want? It is time now that the people wake up from the cognitive dissonance and the Stockholm Syndrome where you have a relationship with your abuser. 

If people are not aware of what’s going on, this is the cycle of abuse:

First, they told people to stay home for two weeks. They’re doing it for your safety: “I love you,” right? They’re doing it for your safety! Two weeks, right? Two weeks…Now we’re in year number three! And we still haven’t gotten back our freedoms, and I’ll tell you why. 

When you’re dealing with an abuser, once you give them an inch, they’re going to take your whole body. And that abuser is never going to stop. This is about power and control. They have divided us by race, they have divided us by political affiliation, by masks or no masks, vaccine or no vaccine…and this is all a tactic, because at the end, they are going to discard both the scapegoats – those of us standing up for freedom – AND the golden children, those who keep complying. I want people to understand that we have been dealing with a narcissistic relationship within our own government.

The same cycles of abuse that you see in the family unit, is the same thing that is happening today, and until we realize psychologically and spiritually and emotionally what is being done, we’re never going to get out of it, because if you want to defeat your enemy, you have to understand the tactics that your enemy is using against you, against your children, against your businesses, against your schools. Because guess what? If you want to be able to control our population, you have to target the young. If you can get a child to comply, then in a few years, you have taken control of a whole nation. So if you’re not going to fight for yourself, then fight for the next generation that is to come. 

We, the people, WILL NOT COMPLY!


(Sarabeth writing again here)

“Covid“ doesn’t begin to capture the complexity. But what Covid can do is show us a reflection of what is wrong, and give us a chance to show up.

And so I invite you: come on out! The stage has plenty of room, and so do the town squares, and we need each other! The time to speak up is now, and the reason to do it is because it is right. Denounce the rot, and move onward with a sense of humor toward whatever lies ahead. It will take a lot of hard work to clean up this mess.

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