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More Than Merely Fake Meat and GMOs

Food Corruption: Fake Meat, GMOs, and Beyond


Most readers are familiar with GMOs and how genetically modified organisms have been shown to cause significant health problems and how they have ruined the lives of independent farmers. Unfortunately, corruption of the food supply is advancing far beyond this.

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Once-Size-Fits-All Will Fail Every Time

One-Size-Fits-All Will Fail Every Time


Governments prepare to fight the next pandemic with the methods that led to defeat in the Covid-19 pandemic. They think it was a great triumph. Meanwhile, evidence mounts that the Covid-19 response was at best ineffective.

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Triumph of the 'Mass-Man'

Triumph of the ‘Mass-Man’


The Pope cannot afford to be a mass-man, but he is one: unable to understand that his job is not to please his flock but rather to encourage them to become conscious of the historical reality of their own existence.

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On the Edge of the Programmable Ledger: CBDCs

On the Edge of the Programmable Ledger: CBDCs


New Zealand’s central bank, the Reserve Bank of New Zealand (RBNZ), has opened a consultation on central bank digital currencies (CBDCs). RBNZ believes that around 2030 they will ‘introduce digital cash to Aotearoa New Zealand.’

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Brownstone Institute Fellowships


Brownstone Institute provides a one-year fellowship to writers, researchers, and thinkers with proven passion and commitment in light of the sacrifices they've made for truth and freedom.


REPPARE, an initiative of University of Leeds, supported by Brownstone Institute, to clarify the evidence base on which history’s largest public health program is being built.

Censorship and Propaganda

Censorship and Propaganda

The working group on censorship and propaganda does the deeper research of how this unfolded, and documents in granular detail the connections and the agenda to control the public mind.

Money and Finance

The money and finance working group tracks the use of monetary tools as instruments of control, and the dangerous drive to create a central bank digital currency.

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The book publishing program at Brownstone Institute allows great minds to reach the public despite censorship and without major delays. The goal is to provide sanctuary and community for our authors in times of incredible professional upheaval.


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