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Introducing Brownstone Fellowships


In all times, intellectuals – researchers, writers, speakers, journalists – who defy imposed conventions of thought endanger their careers, at least in the short term. This is particularly true during a crisis or emergency, real or imagined, when the pressure to conform grows very intense. 

The last 30 months make the point. With few but very noble exceptions, most of the dissidents during the most extreme policies of our lifetimes came from outside the mainstream of academic, journalism, and technology. They have faced career disruption, doxing, cancellation, and worse. Far from being rewarded for having been right, they were alienated and excluded from their communities of support. 

Thus is the need for some sort of intellectual sanctuary always necessary, as a means of personal protection but also as a means of keeping the flame of truth lit even when every institution seeks to extinguish it. That flame can be a light unto the whole world. 

For this reason, Brownstone Institute has begun a new fellowship program as the next stage of our development. They are designed to provide that sanctuary and support, with a particular focus on writing and research as it pertains to the post-Covid crisis in the world today. Areas of specialization include public health, economics, science, technology, moral philosophy, and contemporary history. 

Fellowships are awarded for the calendar year and provide financial support as well as moral support and community recognition. Some will be chosen based on known needs right now but, in the future, there will also be an application process depending on resources. Fellowships are awarded based both on merit and need. 

Features we look for in particular from applicants: evidence of passion, creativity, scrupulous research and understanding, willingness to take risks in service of truth, and a genuine need for support. 

The program will begin immediately on a small scale but grow over time. So many institutions have failed us over three years that there is a crying need for an alternative as part of the rebuilding that must take place. 

Brownstone will be that leader starting now with a program that helps courageous and creative intellectuals be the light for a future, have a platform to speak, and a community of which they are an integral part. 

From the beginning, the role of Brownstone Institute has been spiritual and salvific, providing sanctuary in times of great emergency but also as a light to the world. This is why the first round of resources we obtain from generous donations went directly to this purpose. We did this to set the tone for what we are about: mission first. We are not here to build a big building on Capitol Hill or forever pile up staff and infrastructure but rather to do good for others and the world.

We also know that many, many great people took enormous personal and professional risks over these three years to defend freedom and human rights. Brownstone can make a difference here, first in a small way but maybe it makes a huge difference in the long run.

An analogy might be a solar eclipse: the world does not go fully dark because some light is always there, and it doesn’t take much to help people see the way.

The Brownstone Fellows program provides a one-year fellowship to writers, researchers, and thinkers with proven passion and commitment who need a bridge to a different path in light of the sacrifices they have made for truth and freedom. Mostly it is to give a home, appreciation, personal and financial support – a sign and symbol of support for scientists and journalists.

In times of crisis, this is the way forward in times of, thinking here of the Middle Ages or the interwar period. We can’t save the whole world but we can do our part when we have the

opportunity and when we see real need.

We would like to give you the opportunity to partner with Brownstone in this effort, beginning now. Would you support the Fellows program with your most generous donation? You can donate through electronic means or send a check directly to the listed address. 

None of us can sit by as the lights go out on civilization. We desperately need voices of truth now. We have them and they have made a huge difference. Now it is time to show that bravery deserves support not abandonment. 

Join us please in this great effort by donating to Brownstone Fellowships today

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