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Editor at “Pro-Vaccine Publication” Experienced Serious Adverse Event After Second Pfizer Shot


A few weeks ago, I published a bombshell story in which I shared my private communications with editors at top publications who roundly rejected my writing critical of Covid mandates.

As an example, one editor made clear his publication’s strong “pro-vaccination” stance which could not be usurped:

I’m going to pass.

As I’ve said many times before, we are a pro-vaccination newspaper, and personally I just wish everyone would get vaccinated already. While I respect your decision not to do so (and I agree jail time for those who don’t is overkill), I’m not keen on op-eds that even appear like they’re arguing against vaccination for Covid or anything else.

Universally, my reporting on vaccine adverse events was suppressed by major and alternative media outlets. As a 22-year-old freelance journalist making a name for himself, I felt this was a complete betrayal of the media’s foundational mission: holding the powerful and corrupt accountable for their misdeeds.

This was the reason I got into journalism at the young age of 19 and ended up writing several groundbreaking stories, such as the neglected trauma of inner-city residents in the crime-plagued streets of Minneapolis in the aftermath of riots and calls to “defund the police” following George Floyd’s death.

Following up on my first story exposing the absurdly pro-pharmaceutical bias in corporate media, I am now sharing a (nearly) tragic incident that illustrates just how dangerous and irresponsible journalistic support of mRNA vaccines during the pandemic was.

As it turns out, I recently came into casual contact with an editor at one of these top American newspapers (who I will give the pseudonym “Ben” for privacy) who continually suppressed all my vaccine-myocarditis reporting because of their pro-vaccine position. For context, when I pitched one of their other editors, he responded with the following:

Rav, sorry but we’re not going to run any anti-vaccine pieces.

I think the risk is totally overblown and amplified by right-wing pundits who have no concern for public health. These are the safest vaccines we’ve ever had and virtually everyone seeks to benefit.

Off-record, I started chatting with Ben about how he diverged with his colleagues’ authoritarian pro-mandate positions:

My views differed a lot from the other editors there. They were all pro-vaccine passports. I remember being stunned when my colleagues said that these were the “safest and most effective vaccines we’ve ever seen.”

After some extended communication, he revealed to me how he had a terrifying experience after the second Pfizer vaccine shot:

About 7 hours after my 2nd shot I was in bed and started shaking. My heart began to pound. Then the shaking for worse and my heart was pounding so hard it felt like it was going to explode. 

Every beat hurt. I continued shaking and heart pounding like that for hours. Hot and cold sweats.

None of this will come as a surprise to anyone who has tracked and reported on the vaccine-induced myocarditis issue. Ben predictably happens to be a young man — 32 years of age — in great shape who exercises regularly. Anyone who sees photos of him can tell he rarely skips gym day.

He further explained,

I would have gone to the hospital but I was honestly also delirious and wasn’t in my right mind. It was extremely scary. Woke up and my heart was still noticeably racing, but not super bad. My entire body was sore and I could barely walk.

This led him to the following rational conclusion:

I decided that would be my last COVID shot.

Thankfully, Ben’s acute cardiac symptoms subsided after a few days and he was back to normal in a few weeks. He unwisely had not gone to a cardiologist to get it checked, but realized after my recommendation to him that he should, even though it’s been two years since he got double-vaccinated.

As cardiologists such as Dr. Anish Koka have stated, the long-term implications of vaccine myocarditis remain unknown, even if symptoms resolve in weeks or months. Cardiologists around the US and abroad, like Koka, saw a sharp rise in myocarditis cases in young males in the summer and fall of 2021. As I’ve previously reported, countries with national databases tracking cardiac injuries such as France, Israel, and Germany all saw a spike following the roll-out of mRNA vaccines.

I spoke to Dr. Koka (his Substack: Anish Koka MD (Cardiology)) about Ben’s mRNA vaccine experience and he had little doubt the cause was tied to the vaccine:

Given what we know about the mRNA vaccines and how they interact with the heart, his presentation fits with a vaccine-related adverse reaction. 

It could have been simple like a tachycardia related to the vaccine or an arrhythmia. 

I would advise patients who have that symptom complex be medically evaluated regardless of whether they have had a vaccine or not

This will also help patients figure out what their risk from future vaccinations is, and while severe cardiac morbidity from vaccines seems to be rare, it’s best to be evaluated by a cardiologist to make sure you’re not one of those rare few who do get very sick, very fast.

As with most myocarditis cases, physical activity is typically limited for 2-3 months. Ben got better quickly and resumed normal activities, though it may have been advised if he had seen a cardiologist. Koka explained to me the reason for the 60-90 day recommendation:

The couple of months off is a recommendation because of the risk of severe arrhythmia that may develop in patients that have a small scar. 

It’s precautionary.

In this case, the vaccine didn’t disable Ben the way it has for countless other men whose acute cardiac symptoms after mRNA vaccination brought them minutes away from death. A 38-year-old law enforcement member I interviewed on my Substack last year nearly died after his second mRNA vaccine dose:

“I thought I’m never going to see my girlfriend and family again,” he said. “Scariest time of my life.”

A few hours after arriving at the hospital, his doctor said, “You’re really lucky. If you had waited any longer, you would’ve died.”

Fortunately, the hospital he was at had a specialized cardiology unit that was able to swiftly diagnose and treat his life-threatening condition. The doctor definitively diagnosed him with vaccine-induced myocarditis causing high-risk arrhythmia, ventricular tachycardia, and cardiac myopathy.

As a journalist, I cannot say much more than the best available facts suggest, but as has been clear for far too long, the mRNA vaccines were not beneficial and safe on a population-level for young, healthy men — yet the CDC and FDA didn’t care.

Hopefully, “pro-vaccine publication[s]” may recognize the harm they helped perpetuate.

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