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The Fight for Freedom is Not Over; It is Only Beginning


After being told that the pandemic was our greatest challenge in a century, we are being urged to move on, forget the past, and return to a normal life. ‘Move on,’ they say. ‘There is nothing to see here. The crisis is over, no harm done.’ These are the words tyrants use and that is why, for me, there is a moral imperative to confront tyranny, even within our sacred halls of ‘democracy.’ Whether it is democracy or not, future historians will judge, if Western civilization lasts that long, which I doubt. 

The fascists tell us now that new perils threaten the rights we happily tossed aside. We face a new enemy called ‘autocracy,’ whose national values we recently embraced, applauded, and celebrated for three years. The world may look on and see us condemn Russia for doing what we did in Afghanistan for two decades, but we hope they will all do as they are told, forget, and move on. 

Many believe that the pandemic required an unfortunate, but necessary departure from our proud history of democracy, human rights, and freedom. I am not one of those people. The West has experienced its own existential crisis from which it may not recover. The fall of the Berlin Wall represented the end of the old Stalinist dream. Covid Hysteria represents the fall of the façade of Western democracy, or what’s left of it. The Russians lost Stalinism, and in the West, we lost democracy. It was never the case that Russia fell, but it fell first because everything does eventually, and only fools think that empires last forever. 

Covid Hysteria marked the long, painful death of a temporary social contract, old representative liberalism, the preposterous and absurd notion that power can reside in the hands of ordinary people, instead of in the grubby and greedy grip of the rich and powerful. Driven by political malice, stupidity, and fear, democracies fell like dominos, behaving like clones, copying each other in a pattern of draconian policies, including martial law, suspension of democratic rights, and the demonization of a new class of people.

It was not the fall into authoritarianism or totalitarianism, whatever they mean, nor was it the warm embrace of socialism. It was the inevitable decline into fascism, the secret love of the West, a terminal cancer at the heart of the Liberal Project. Covid Hysteria was not an act of science, but it was a national science. It cultivated a petri dish brimming to the top of sterile fascist wannabes, producing only the form but not the flower of fascism. 

The land Down Under, for example, lived up to its name. During Covid Hysteria, it fell as far as a society could into the gutter of neo-fascist insanity. During martial law, the military marched the streets of working-class Sydney to enforce curfews and in Melbourne, armed riot police were running around shooting rubber bullets at innocent people who gathered peacefully to protest.

This brutality was welcomed by the ruling class who rejoiced nightly to see punishment meted out to the transgressors, and each morning they could watch with bated breath the repetitive doctrines of the Satanic Mass of daily Covid briefings. This theatre was designed by politicians and bureaucrats who deliberately whipped up fear and regularly lied about Covid. Elected representatives in Victoria were banned from entering Parliament because they did not disclose their vaccination status. Straight out of Mao’s text for social harmony, the government encouraged families and friends to report neighbours and siblings if they broke the lockdown rules or gathered in illegal protests. 

As do many in our society, I struggle with what it means to live out my faith in a world gone mad. For me, I am a Christian and as a follower of Jesus, I am aware that there are two dangers inherent when touching human morality. The first is of course abrogating moral principles. The second danger is inventing new moral standards. This has long been the playbook of the church. For example, for centuries the Western church supported perverse and unchristian segregationist policies that have no basis in even the most liberal reading of the New Testament. The evil of racial segregation as a moral principle was and remains an abomination. It has permanently, irrevocably scarred human relations and will take centuries to heal, if ever. 

The Holocaust was perhaps the greatest evil in history, an inevitable product of fascist politics, and a deeply felt theological tradition that hated Jews, reinforced by over a century of so-called modern Biblical criticism in Germany that sought to delegitimize the history of the Jewish people and rob them of their identity. For over a decade, ordinary Germans loved to read ‘My Struggle,’ a book full of bile, hatred, and venom, written by an incredibly popular man who surfed a wave of hatred for a group of innocent people who had been refugees in Europe for almost 2,000 years. 

While America’s post-war path was chequered, the overall direction has been the slow and torturous pursuit of the simple proposition that all people are created in the image of God and that all people are the same and deserve the same treatment. There have been regressions and battles, controversies, and crimes. All nations have been complicit in this sad, tragic, and awful war against freedom.

One would think, and it is quite reasonable to assume that nations with such an appalling and shameful record would steadfastly affirm freedom above all else, and consistently stand against any movement to create new moral standards. What the West did in Covid was a deep wickedness that few really understand. It would be different if the West was known for its silence, leading by example, rather than words, and we could express surprise at their sudden interest in telling people what to do. 

The world knows, however, that the West has and will never shut up. The Western lands have shoved their values down the throats of the rest of the world for decades, boasted in their commitment to freedom and the rights of minorities, and proclaimed their advocacy of free speech, association, and belief. From 2020-23, they threw it all away into the trash. Now that it’s time to move on, they are all busy looking through the garbage to find the humanity they so callously threw aside. 

The creation of the new class of the diseased untouchables, the ‘unvaccinated,’ reminds me of the war against racism. America receives most of the attention in this regard, but America is by no means the only nation to struggle with racism. All nations are racist in various ways, and it is impossible to live without any form of prejudice, as it is deeply rooted in our DNA as humans.

Like the persecution, silencing, segregation, and canceling of any criticism of Covid policies, the victims of racism are singled out, and we all know the language, the terms, the looks, the stereotypes, and the anger. ‘Those people,’ we are told, ‘you know what they are like,’ we hear it echoed in our brains. Who hasn’t been singled out these last three years? How can fascists talk about the Civil Rights Movement with a straight face if they then turn around and invent a new class of people to hate? These are the battles, in a liberal society, a society that values freedom, that ought to be fought. Our very lives are at stake, what it means to be human is on the line, and instead we are told to ‘Sit down, shut up, and do as you are told.’ 

America is unique in that it provides through its Constitution, a pathway for political and social enfranchisement. Other capitalist societies yearn for the kind of pathway that America has via its legal system, and that is one of the main reasons America remains a beacon, albeit tarnished and flawed for freedom. 

The obscenity of the myth of the ‘unvaccinated’ is evil for two reasons. First, the definition of a vaccine was changed to cover its inefficacy. The booster shots prove this insanity. Second, the unscientific argument that despite their fifth or sixth booster shot, a vaccinated person can die if they meet, consort with, sleep with, kiss, touch, or commune with someone who is not vaccinated.

If you believe this nonsense, you will believe anything the government will tell you, and that was perhaps the goal of state-led Covid Hysteria, the preparation of the nation for war with China, or the next group of people to be condemned as the untouchables. For some reason, instead of shunning discrimination, the West prefers shunning people to avoid taking personal responsibility for problems. 

As the West continues to stumble in light of the rise of non-Anglo powers, it is easier to demonize sections of our community as the ones responsible for our demise than address the real issues. Western capitalism is in serious trouble. China, India, East Asia, and other nations, in a competitive, capitalist, market-based world, are more competitive, and more amenable to dynamism. The response of a mature, market-based society is to accept, adapt and live, as the nature of capitalism is such now that China will not be in charge for long, nor will India. The market is rapacious and unpredictable. 

Tragically, many in Washington seek to destroy our competitors through war. I am suspicious of the sudden about-face in Congress now reveling in the China lab-leak theory. It neatly fits into the revival of the ‘Yellow Peril’ ideology and the typical uneducated reaction to the Chinese Communist Party. China is not a fascist state. Fascism cannot come from China as they have no tradition of democracy.

Fascism is the result of a decaying and corrupt democracy. China will probably always have a one-party state, copying Japan and Singapore where it suits the national culture. Confucius rules in Asia from his ancient grave, and he is the Plato of the East. Whether Covid was released deliberately by American agents operating in China, or whether there was a lab leak, or two or three, it was a human problem and bats were not to blame. 

The creation of the so-called ‘unvaccinated’ was a terrible, avoidable, and lasting evil. It is a sign of things to come. It tells me that the West has learned absolutely nothing in the last century during their crusades against prejudice. Much was achieved but it was superficial and insincere. Our eagerness to create a new class of people to hate demonstrates that moral authority no longer resides, if it ever did, in the lands of the free. A darkness is coming, of our own creation. I believe our generation will witness a new Holocaust, and like last time, most people will support it, and then when it is all over, most will say that they didn’t know or that the people deserved it; after all, they were different. 

It is imperative to deal with this wickedness once and for all. Every person who used, wrote, supported, and advocated the terms of the ‘unvaccinated,’ committed a terrible evil, by creating division where there was none, by demonizing the innocent, and in doing so, condemning themselves. This is beyond dispute. 

Most will respond and say, ‘Well, that’s life, nobody is perfect, we are moving on, no harm done.’ Let God be the judge of that, but we in the West have moved on from God and made ourselves our own gods and what a paradise we have created. The God written about in both the Hebrew Bible and the New Testament is a God who stands against the proud and for the weak, against the rich and for the poor, and he stands with the vulnerable, the oppressed, and all slaves. What the world sees is a West that keeps changing its mind on morality and when the rest of the world has caught up, they find that the West has changed its mind again and has found a new crusade that contradicts the old one. 

The pandemic has shown us that we in the West have the proclivity not only to pass judgment on everyone else for failing to live up to our enlightened standards, but we are also able to creatively devise new definitions of what is right and wrong. The world is watching us, and they are not surprised. They know our history and our hypocrisy, and they wonder how long it will be until the West goes the way of all empires. Time will tell, but history suggests that the bigger they are, the faster they fall. 

It is time to turn around and face the people we have condemned unjustly and unfairly. Current disclosures and revelations demonstrate conclusively that the state knew about the problems inherent in vaccines, they knew they were lying to the population about lockdowns, mandates, and passports, and they were complicit in a program of deliberate, calculated social manipulation and abuse. It is not surprising to me that many astute participants in this deceit have jumped ship, retired, or sought legal advice. Only the diehard fanatics remain to write their version of history. Supporting Covid-19 vaccines and the insanity of lockdowns, mandates, and passports will be akin to the memoirs of the past affirming the curative benefits of mercury. 

Those who supported the lie of the unvaccinated need to publicly acknowledge their errors and accept their role in facilitating the nightmare the world has endured. The doctors and nurses, teachers and administrators, managers and pastors, priests and bureaucrats who were fired for not being vaccinated need their employment restored, their reputations, and their income returned, along with written and public apologies from the institutions responsible. Only then can we say that we are on the path to recovery. 

But who am I kidding? That will not happen any time soon. This legacy of deceit, corruption, and stupidity will be passed onto our children and their children, if they live to survive the war with China that we have planned for them. After all, we will fight Beijing for freedom, a freedom we no longer believe in, and have spent the last few years denying to millions of our own people. Our condemnation is justly deserved. 

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