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The Rev. Dr. Michael J. Sutton has been a political economist, a professor, a priest, a pastor, and now a publisher. He is the CEO of Freedom Matters Today, looking at freedom from a Christian perspective. This article is edited from his November 2022 book: Freedom from Fascism, A Christian Response to Mass Formation Psychosis, available through Amazon.


Letter from the Forbidden Land 


Covid Hysteria was not an isolated incident. We, my friends, are at war, not against nations or ideology but against fascism. The old enemy has returned to the world, after decades of slumber. It is an existential threat. The one thing it hates is freedom. I used to think that there was no hope, but standing in Russia looking at all the companies that have rejected directives from the Imperium, maybe I was wrong. 

darkness light

Where Is the Silver Lining?


How then, do we respond to darkness and wickedness? We need to respond to darkness with light, a renewed sense of community, which is where most of us live, not drowning in darkness, prejudice, and suspicion, but communities of light. There are a lot of things wrong with our world today and there are many usual suspects: fascism, digital currencies, war, the WHO, the WEF, the rise of the corporate state, Covid Hysteria, Climate Hysteria. 

the new normal

The Downside of the New Normal


The world has changed, and overall, it is not for the better. We have changed. Our government has changed. Our values have changed. Covid-19 has given us an unjust legacy of new ways of thinking, new values, and new expectations. It is overall, an unjust system. It is an unrighteous system. It is a system that exacerbates inequality, rewards conformity, and ensures division. The values it promotes are a cancer that will spread through the fabric of our nations and our hearts. Our children and grandchildren will stand in judgment over us if we survive at all. 

fight for freedom

The Fight for Freedom is Not Over; It is Only Beginning


It is time to turn around and face the people we have condemned unjustly and unfairly. Current disclosures and revelations demonstrate conclusively that the state knew about the problems inherent in vaccines, they knew they were lying to the population about lockdowns, mandates, and passports, and they were complicit in a program of deliberate, calculated social manipulation and abuse. It is not surprising to me that many astute participants in this deceit have jumped ship, retired, or sought legal advice. Only the diehard fanatics remain to write their version of history.


The Suffering of the Innocent 


We need to hear from the victims of Covid Hysteria if we seek real change. If we believe in freedom, we will start listening to those who have cried in the wilderness, walked in the darkness, and suffered in silence. The rest is background noise. 

covid theology Australia church

Covid Theology in the Australian Church


By closing the church door to the unvaccinated, many were embracing a malicious apostasy that we have not seen since Franco. From July 2021 to mid-2022, vaccine passports were used in churches loyal to the state. What it meant was someone could go to church with the flu, hepatitis, syphilis, herpes, and early onset of Ebola, if they had their Covid Vaccination Certificate.

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