• Michael J. Sutton

    The Rev. Dr. Michael J. Sutton has been a political economist, a professor, a priest, a pastor, and now a publisher. He is the CEO of Freedom Matters Today, looking at freedom from a Christian perspective. This article is edited from his November 2022 book: Freedom from Fascism, A Christian Response to Mass Formation Psychosis, available through Amazon.

Letter from the Forbidden Land 

Covid Hysteria was not an isolated incident. We, my friends, are at war, not against nations or ideology but against fascism. The old enemy has returned to the ... Read more.

Where Is the Silver Lining?

How then, do we respond to darkness and wickedness? We need to respond to darkness with light, a renewed sense of community, which is where most of us live, not... Read more.

The Downside of the New Normal

The world has changed, and overall, it is not for the better. We have changed. Our government has changed. Our values have changed. Covid-19 has given us an unj... Read more.
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