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Governments Lost the War Against the Virus


When the Japanese finally surrendered on September 2, 1945, the official news never reached Japanese Lieutenant Hiroo Onoda, who along with a few compatriots spent the next three decades hiding out in the Philippine mountains and carrying out guerrilla activities against local police and farmers. Although leaflets were dropped several times over the years, Onoda and his fellow soldiers refused to believe the news, instead stubbornly choosing to continue a pointless fight they must have known they couldn’t possibly win.

Of the seven stages of grief humans experience, the last one is acceptance. This is where Team Reality has been for much, if not most, of the Covid-19 pandemic, and we got there pretty quickly. Thanks to science, the real kind humans used to practice before they lost their ever loving minds, we’ve known all along that there’s no stopping or permanently containing a highly contagious respiratory virus that had by March 2020 already been raging for months and making significant headway into the population.

We accepted this and – as was eloquently drawn out later that year by a group of highly qualified medical professionals in the Great Barrington Declaration – postulated that the best way to mitigate the inevitable damage would be to shield the vulnerable and let the virus burn through those to whom it posed little statistical risk. After some temporary pain, herd immunity would have been achieved in a matter of months and life would have returned to normal. 

But would our overlords listen to logic, science, and common sense? Of course not. Instead, they went all-in on lockdowns, then mask mandates, and now leaky vaccines & vaccine mandates – none of which has worked nearly as advertised. The lockdowns ‘worked’ for a while, but they couldn’t be sustained. The mask mandates never did anything at all. And although they still are protecting people in the U.S. against severe illness and death, the vaccine program seems to be failing on a massive scale, going in a matter of months from “a path to normality” to “Your vaccine protects me but the vaccinated can still get and transmit Covid so we still have to wear a mask indefinitely, yet we still have to force everyone to get a vaccine so everyone is safe, or something.”

Yet, in a quest that cannot possibly be achieved, President Biden continues to double and quadruple down, mercilessly abusing the power of the federal government in the process. ‘We just have to mask and vax harrrrrder,’ we’re told, and at some point we’ll get to a ‘new normal,’ maybe, where schoolchildren could at some point not have their mask taped to their foreheads by some psycho, hypochondriac teacher if they let it drop below their nose for a few seconds. Hey, we can all dream, right?

If there ever was a time to face facts, it is now. Those of us who still have a degree of sanity left need to shout it from the rooftops: The war is over, and the virus won. It is here, it is extremely contagious, it is (sadly) deadly to some, and it’s never going away. The best we can hope for is a semblance of herd immunity that helps control an endemic virus that – hopefully – will over time become more of a cold than a deadly pathogen. 

Obviously, the powers-that-be have been fighting hard for the vaccine kind of immunity, but the more time that passes and the more data that comes in (especially from Israel and the UK), the more obvious it’s becoming that these vaccines aren’t preventing transmission or contraction, and what efficacy they do provide wanes in a matter of months. In other words, vaccine-generated herd immunity isn’t happening, and given that we’ve NEVER had a sterile vaccine against a coronavirus, it probably never will. 

That means that, in some form or other, almost everybody with a pulse is going to get Covid-19 or a variant thereof. If everyone would simply accept this simple fact and prepare accordingly, we could avoid so much of the needless destruction we’re doing to ourselves. 

Sure, this preparation could come in the form of taking a vaccine, especially for those who are in a vulnerable category (in order to make the virus milder for them), but for all it also should come in the form of health measures we’ve known for decades: losing weight, getting in shape, taking key vitamins like zinc and vitamin D, and addressing existing health issues. Taking yourself out of a vulnerable category puts you at far less risk of a bad outcome. Of course, nobody in government is going to tell its subjects anything like that, because none of this has ever been about public health.

Many of the vaccinated are angry at the unvaccinated because they’ve been lied to, both about who is actually spreading Covid (anyone care to guess what happens when a vaccinated person contracts Covid, yet feels fine and engages normally in society?) and the efficacy of the vaccines themselves. So many seem to think the vaccines are sterile, in the same way vaccines against other diseases have been, and that, if we just mask and vax harrrrrd enough there will actually be a future time when there is no Covid. Well, here’s a news flash: Even if vaccination levels somehow reached 100%, transmission and contraction of this virus will not end.

It’s time to end the insanity. It’s time to surrender and stop fighting a fight we can’t win. Sure, shield and vaccinate the vulnerable (and hope to God that some of the rumors about vaccines driving variants aren’t true), but the vast majority of people need to accept and deal with the fact that they are going to get this virus, which will continue virusing until it’s finished, regardless of what humans do. The good news, if they are willing to hear it, is the same as it’s always been: it won’t be dangerous for the vast majority.

Onana, that Japanese lieutenant, finally surrendered in 1974, almost 30 years after the war was over. His compatriots had died over the years, and his fruitless activities resulted in the needless deaths of at least 30 innocent Filipino farmers and the destruction of countless crops and other property. At that point, he had wasted more than half his life fighting a ‘war’ that had already ended and destroying the lives of so many others in the process. 

The powers-that-be haven’t admitted it yet, but the war against Covid-19 is over. It’s time to accept reality and stop kicking against the pricks. It’s time to end the mask mandates, the useless school quarantining, the vaccine coercion, and every other ugly, unnecessary aspect of this horrible dystopian society our overlords have created. How many more lives will be forever destroyed or damaged by the fruitless efforts of the Covid warriors who refuse to accept the inevitable and surrender?

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