Scott Morefield

Scott Morefield spent three years as a media & politics reporter with the Daily Caller, another two years with BizPac Review, and has been a weekly columnist at Townhall since 2018.

More Bad News for the Mask Cult

Why aren’t there discernibly lower death and infection rates in the places that masked up for years versus those that barely did anything? There aren’t, because this has been a gigantic house of cards that continues to fall down around them.

Will the Mask Mandate for Plane Travel Ever End?

As the pre-flight recording makes abundantly and obnoxiously clear down to the excruciating detail of what needs to happen after every bite and sip, travelers are expected to be fully masked from above the nose to below the mouth during every non-eating and drinking second of our existence at these infernal places. It’s torture enough on relatively short, on-time flights, but God help you if your flight is delayed, and even God won’t be able to help you if you’re stuck for hours on a tarmac inside a plane that has ‘mechanical issues.’

It’s Long Past Time to Dump the Masks

If there is any justice in the world, years from now society will look back with utter horror on what we did with lockdowns, masks, vaccine coercion, and all the rest, including and especially instilling the kind of fear and paranoia that never matched the actual death rate from this virus.

Medicine Should be Non-Violent

Most people who choose to remain unvaccinated – like myself – do so not because we want to spread the virus to others or are against vaccinations in general, but because we have natural immunity and/or serious, data-driven questions about this particular vaccine. The moral case for choice, and against vaccine mandates, is as clear as day and as absolute as any case for good and against evil could ever be.

The Mandatory Vaccine Insanity Must Stop

Unless the courts strike it down, soon every worker who works for a firm with more than 100 employees will have to be vaccinated or undergo a weekly Covid test. Already, major events and conferences are requiring this (including one I’ll be at next week). Healthcare workers who have put themselves at risk the entirety of the pandemic – many if not most of whom are naturally immune – are literally being fired.

Governments Lost the War Against the Virus

It’s time to end the mask mandates, the useless school quarantining, the vaccine coercion, and every other ugly, unnecessary aspect of this horrible dystopian society our overlords have created. How many more lives will be forever destroyed or damaged by the fruitless efforts of the Covid warriors who refuse to accept the inevitable and surrender?

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