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Scott Gottlieb’s Role in Creating a New Intelligence Office


Dr. Scott Gottlieb was appointed FDA commissioner by President Trump at age 44, and served in that role from 2017 to 2019, after which he resigned to spend more time with his family. He is a contributor to the cable financial news network CNBC, and a frequent guest on the CBS News program Face the Nation. He is also an elected member of the National Academy of Medicine.

He is currently a senior fellow at the American Enterprise Institute, a special partner with the venture capital firm New Enterprise Associates (NEA) and serves on the boards of Pfizer, Illumina, Aetion, and Tempus. NEA is one of the world’s largest venture capital firms. Contrary to various rumors, Dr. Gottlieb is not related to the notorious CIA leader of MK ULTRA (“Dr. Strangelove”) Dr. Sidney Gottlieb. Based on reports from confidential sources, I have previously reported that Dr. Gottlieb also serves the US Central Intelligence Agency as an advisor and was actively engaged with the CIA during the COVIDcrisis. Before first joining the FDA, and in between each of his three tours of government service, Gottlieb was a resident fellow at the American Enterprise Institute. Fortune magazine identified Gottlieb as one of its 2018 “The World’s 50 Greatest Leaders,” ranking him number 6. The magazine stated “Gottlieb has gotten credit for being transparent about FDA steps—and, more important, for using his bully pulpit without being a bully.”

He received his bachelor’s degree in economics from Wesleyan University. After completing his undergraduate education, he worked as a healthcare analyst at the investment bank Alex. Brown & Sons in Baltimore. Gottlieb attended medical school at Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai and completed his residency in internal medicine at the Mount Sinai Hospital.

His ascendency from an otherwise undistinguished internal medicine resident with a background in economics to highly lauded FDA commissioner at age 44 is quite remarkable. Even more remarkable has been his successful strong advocacy and lobbying in corporate media for the CIA to assume a dominant role in public health during the COVIDcrisis – despite never having an official government position involving the CIA, DIA, or other elements of the intelligence community. The depth of his involvement with the agency is unknown, but his advocacy for the interests of the CIA, Pfizer, and the vaccine industry during the time of COVID have been consistent throughout the “pandemic”.

Let’s recap some of Dr. Gottlieb’s most egregious behavior since leaving the FDA to join the Pfizer board.

Gottlieb was crucial to convincing Trump to lock down. Kushner put him on the phone and Dr. Gottlieb pushed for the hardest lockdown possible. He was also a strong advocate for the use of masks. In many ways, Gottlieb’s role was at least as important as that played by Fauci and Birx, if not more so.

In August of 2021, Gottlieb saw a tweet disparaging the COVID jabs which was written by Dr. Brett Giroir. Dr. Giroir was formerly the US assistant secretary for health (under President Trump), a four-star admiral in the US Public Health Service Commissioned Corps and an acting Food and Drug Administration commissioner. 

This tweet simply stated that natural immunity was superior over vaccine-conferred immunity. That natural immunity is superior to vaccines is something that has been known since… well since the time vaccines were invented. That is a “vaccine 101” kind of fact. Pretty much self-evident.

So Gottlieb emailed a top employee and lobbyist working for Twitter complaining about the tweet

Recapping, Dr. Gottlieb sits on the board of Pfizer and has many surreptitious links with the US government including his membership in the National Academy of Medicine.

Dr. Gottlieb then suggested to this employee that the tweet to be flagged as misinformation, writing that the offending tweet could prove ‘corrosive’ to the nationwide Covid vaccination campaign.

Twitter then labelled the tweet with a ‘Misleading’ label – despite the tweet being true, and having come from a senior Trump official who outranked Dr. Gottlieb!

During this same period of time, Scott Gottlieb was very busy lobbying in a wide range of corporate media outlets on behalf of the intelligence community to form a new office for the CIA, one that would effectively position the CIA to control all information, intelligence, interpretation, and public policy relating to infectious disease as well as chemical/biological/radiological/nuclear threat mitigation – the CBRN mission space. This proposed initiative would place the CIA in charge of a global intelligence and policy network, and enable it to gain bureaucratic control of key aspects of missions previously managed by DoD (Defense Threat Reduction Agency), the Department of Homeland Security, and the HHS Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Below are a few screenshots from the many interviews that Scott Gottlieb did between February and end of September, 2021 on this topic.

By Scott Gotlieb:

In the US, there is a longstanding aversion to involving the tools of national security in public health. Health officials don’t want to cooperate with intelligence services for fear that it will impede their multilateral commitments or that intelligence groups will classify important sets of data. Many worry that every American working in a lab coat overseas will be perceived as a spy.

But without help from public-health officials, intelligence agencies are less equipped to spot relevant information. The intelligence community can’t protect sensitive public-health concerns unless public-health officials work with them and explain the issues. And without relationships in the public-health world, intelligence services may have a harder time sharing the information they do receive.

Covid proved that international conventions and cooperation can’t be the sole backstop in a crisis. We need more capability for gathering information when there are signs of outbreaks. This means we’ll have to rely on more-traditional national-security tools, including intelligence services…

The National Security Council recently reestablished a position to focus on pandemic risks, and this is an opportunity for improvement. American adversaries already treat information on infectious diseases the way they handle other national security material: They engage their intelligence agencies in helping to monitor and mitigate these threats. The US should do the same, which would also help bring threats to the attention of policy-makers. Senators aren’t reading academic papers, but they are reading the CIA’s World Intelligence Review and other estimates, which should include relevant information on public health.

This reporting would also better inform diplomats: Perhaps they’re monitoring a foreign lab with fragile controls. Feeding intelligence estimates to diplomats has been a hallmark of arms-control efforts and inspections and can also help improve biosecurity and surveillance. By now most Americans agree that pandemics are a threat to national security. It’s time to start treating them like one.

Scott Gottlieb:

“We need to start looking at public health through the lens of national security and involving our tools of national security in this mission.

If anything, Covid-19 has conditioned nations to be less likely to share information in the future. Most nations have learned is that if you’re a host to an outbreak of a novel or dangerous pathogen, the first thing that’s going to happen is other countries are going to erect trade and travel restrictions on you. The economic implications of being host to an outbreak have now grown more significant than they were in the past. This is going to make even friendly nations less likely to be forthcoming…

We’re going to need to have more ability to gather this, and that’s going to require us to lean on intelligence agencies.”

Then Dr. Scott Gottlieb publishes his book on Sept 21, 2021 on this very same topic. The book cover on Amazon reads:

We must also get our intelligence services more engaged in the global public health mission, to gather information and uncover emerging risks before they hit our shores so we can head them off. For this role, our clandestine agencies have tools and capabilities that the CDC lacks.

Quotes by Scott Gottlieb on Sept 17th (NBC News):

Among those calling for the spies to do more about pandemics is Dr. Scott Gottlieb, a former commissioner of the Food and Drug Administration, who said the impact of the coronavirus could have been mitigated early if the US had had better intelligence on what the Chinese knew.

“I think going forward we’re not going to just be able to depend on countries’ voluntarily sharing information,” Gottlieb said on CNBC last week. “We’re going to have to go in and have the capacity to collect it and to monitor for these things, and that means getting our foreign intelligence services much more engaged in the public health mission globally.”

Writing in the Washington PostGottlieb said the US cannot rely only on the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and other public health agencies to gather information as a pandemic is emerging. (Sept 30, 2021).

All of Scott Gottlieb’s lobbying, writings, book, and speeches from February to September of 2021 appear to be in support of a “new office for medical intelligence,” so that the US can gather “earlier pandemic warnings” from foreign agents.

As shown in the image above, this great big media campaign culminated in the House Intelligence Committee voting to create a new intelligence office, with new roles, responsibilities and a mandate relating to “disease outbreaks and pandemics” (and although not named, we can be sure these include “bioterrorism” threats). In fact, the renamed intelligence office is in charge of not just biological threats, but a vast array of “terrorism” threats.

Chairman of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, Adam Schiff, D.-Calif., inserted the provision into annual intelligence authorization bill and it was signed into law. This bill created a new intelligence office to counter foreign biological threats (and so much more – or so it seems).

The renamed office is now the National Counterproliferation and Biosecurity Center. Although it has been stated in the press that this was about biologics, this office is vast. We do not know exactly what the reorganization consists of. It is organizationally under the Office of the Director of National Intelligence that focuses on containing the spread of nuclear, biological, and chemical weapons. 

The bill included a classified annex, which includes several provisions to boost pandemic preparedness and global health security. What this office has been delegated to do is to combat “disease outbreaks and pandemics.” But how they are to do that is completely obscured from the public, as it has been classified. We do not know what Congress has authorized it to do as it has been shrouded using a non-transparent, classified mechanism. What it is actually doing is anyone’s guess – outside of the circle of those granted the necessary security clearances. What we do know is that the CIA and the Five Eyes intelligence alliance were deeply involved in almost every aspect of Western nations’ mismanagement of the COVIDcrisis, from the engineering of the virus to the ensuing global harmonized propaganda, psyops, and censorship campaigns.

Just to be clear, the US gain-of-function research at Wuhan Institute of Virology was also aimed at being able to detect early pandemics…

Returning back to Scott Gottlieb.

Once this bill passed, his media campaign on why the CIA and US intelligence should be involved in pandemic preparedness stopped. Overnight he had no more interest in writing or speaking about the need for intelligence to be overseeing “pandemic preparedness. Mission accomplished.

Writing and speaking about this dozens of times just prior to the Congress inserting language into a bill that allowed US intelligence to step in (control?) areas that are traditionally the domain of public health – by redefining this as “global health security”- is not a coincidence. That fact is that the moment this bill was approved by Congress – Gottlieb stopped his lobbying. Just think about that. Mission accomplished.

Dr. Scott Gottlieb has been one of the most influential voices during the COVIDcrisis. His rapid career advancement and consequent role in the pandemic including lobbying for this new intelligence office during a time when he was NOT working for the government – but rather was working for Pfizer and one of the largest venture capital funds in the world- raises a key question. What is his actual role in the US intelligence community?

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