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Robert W. Malone is a physician and biochemist. His work focuses on mRNA technology, pharmaceuticals, and drug repurposing research. You can find him at Substack and Gettr

government propaganda

Yes, You Are Being Manipulated


There are literally thousands of peer reviewed studies on vaccine hesitancy and how the government can overcome it. In sum, there are over 6000 such studies on Pubmed. A more narrowly focused search on endnote pulled up about 1250 studies. These studies have a wide range of topics, but most focus on which groups of people are vaccine hesitant, statistics on these populations, as well as how to overcome vaccine hesitancy through propaganda, censorship, the law and behavioral control.

Rogue FDA

The FDA Has Gone Rogue


The FDA administrative bureaucracy self-determined that they could continue to bypass their normal (already lax) procedures for evaluating vaccine purity (including lack of adulteration), potency, safety and efficacy pretty much for as long as their hearts desire, at least until November 07, 2023. And that is the administrative basis used to enable the September 11, 2023  “Emergency Use Authorization” for the SARS-CoV-2 mRNA vaccine boosters. Will that authorization sunset on November 07, 2023? I very much doubt it. 

Pfizer Moderna

The Delights of the Pfizer/Moderna Catfight


Pfizer is now claiming that the Moderna patents, which Moderna sought to weaponize against Pfizer/BioNTech, are invalid because the technology and invention of using mRNA for vaccination purposes was first disclosed and reduced to practice in 1990.

Wuhan cover-up

The Wuhan Cover Up, by RFKJr.


The Wuhan Cover Up. A case study demonstrating the consequences of the situational ethical slide which often occurs when a massive administrative bureaucracy fuses with an “intelligence community.” 

Fauci under the bus

Kadlec Throws Fauci Under the Bus


Robert Kadlec criticizing Tony Fauci for duplicity and mismanagement of the COVIDcrisis is likely to land somewhere between the pot calling the kettle black and a sophisticated, coordinated disinformation campaign intended to distract the public from the sins of the CIA, its surrogates and offshore “five eyes” intelligence allies. In other words yet another limited hangout designed to distract the gullible in Congress as well as the general public – here and abroad.

population control

Population Control: The Receipts


Perhaps the most obvious result of COVID lockdowns and the interruption of commerce is the current record number of people at risk of starvation: Before COVID lockdowns and all their results, the number of people at risk of starvation was 135-million.  By the end of 2021, that had increased by another 135-million people, and in 2022, it then increased another 67-million.  The result is currently about 10-million deaths from starvation, 3-million of them children.

population control

You Are the Population They Want to Control


Who is to say whether an organization, perhaps even one with the “best of intentions” in mind (or believing the “the ends justify the means”), would be willing to go there. After what we have experienced over the past three years, I would consider it in the realm of possibility. Kamala Harris, Bill Gates and the WEF and UN all have made their positions crystal clear. Population reduction is imperative. 

biology of administrative state

The Biology of the Administrative State


Using strategies found in nature to find analogies for complex political and cultural organizational strategies has merit. It opens up new ways of thinking about human society and social structures. So, can we use biology to predict how these organizations will react on the world stage in the future? 

texas state gain of function

My Testimony on Texas State Senate HHS Bills


I am particularly excited about the likelihood of passage of SB 1583. This is the bill that would prohibit institutions of higher education or entities receiving public funds from conducting gain of function research on potentially pandemic pathogens in this state; creating a civil penalty. 

Robert Malone testimony Mexico Senate

Testimony to the Senate of the Republic of Mexico


The clearly arbitrary and capricious US Government and WHO mismanagement and over reaction to the COVIDcrisis, to Monkeypox, and to many other infectious disease outbreaks in the past demonstrate that neither US nor WHO have the organizational maturity and capabilities to merit conceding Mexican public health sovereignty to these organizations. 

end of the emergency

An Analysis of the End of the Emergency


The widely distributed and weaponized fearporn which has driven the gross over-reaction of governments and their citizens (all over the world) was not justified. In retrospect, the global COVIDcrisis agenda and response which has devastated global economies, enabled a massive upwards transfer of wealth, and has been exploited to justify imposition of “The Great Reset” globalist agenda items cannot be justified as a credible and effective “public health” response.

Mask debate settled

The Masking Debate Is Settled


This large group of international researchers reviewed dozens of rigorously correct, randomized clinical trials of “physical interventions” against respiratory diseases. These diseases included influenza and COVID-19 during the pandemic, and these researchers failed to find even a “modest effect” on infection or illness rates from any type of mask.

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