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Will Rochelle Walensky Correct Her Mistake?


A preprint study by British scientists Flaxman et al. (Covid-19 is a leading cause of death in children and young people ages 0-19 years in the United States) had stated that Covid-19 had been the cause of more than 1 million deaths in the US, including at least 1,433 deaths among children and young people (CYP) aged 0-19 years (published May 27th 2022). 

This study clearly inflated the number of Covid-linked deaths in children. I do not seek to cast blame as to intentional or accidental inflation, nor comment on the accuracy of the Covid death data, though inquiry is certainly warranted given reports of no healthy child in the US having died due to Covid across the last two years. 

With that, the authors Flaxman et al. updated their publication (Covid-19 is a leading cause of death in children and young people ages 0-19 years in the United States) and subsequently reported a figure of 1,088 deaths among children and young people (CYP) aged 0-19 years (June 28th, 2022). 

This meant that the original figure was as much as 25% higher than the revised figure. The authors have gone on record admitting that their original report incorrectly characterized the Covid data. 

The concern is that the CDC Director actually referred to this study and pointed to the incorrect initial data, as she lobbied (FDA etc.) for the vaccination of children under 5 years of age (in meetings and a reported press briefing). 

“During March 2020 through April 2022, COVID-19 was among the top five leading causes of death in every age group of children under the age of 19 and the number one infectious cause of death in children,” Walensky said during a briefing, putting forth the same figures as outlined in the study, reports Epoch.

This was potentially disingenuous but we will have to give deference and consider that the Director was misguided and not optimally prepared. Surely she did not use the wrong data deliberately. Will the CDC Director once again and now, move to correct an inaccuracy presented to the public?

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