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el gato malo is a pseudonym for an account that has been posting on pandemic policies from the outset. AKA a notorious internet feline with strong views on data and liberty.

save the cats of old san juan

Save the Cats of Old San Juan


Ask questions about the basis of this analysis. How do they justify disrupting a 500-year-old ecosystem? What about rats? Will we trade chemical poisons for organic paws? What about the heritage and character of San Juan? Does anyone even want this? How is this not “killing the wolves of Yellowstone” all over again? Do they really think they can confine this to parks and not wind up luring all the surrounding cats in?


The Betrayal of the Environment by Environmentalists 


Suddenly, “climate is the new covid” and in just the manner that certain internet felines have long been yowling about, they are going to play all the same stupid games and try to hand you all the same stupid prizes. They are selling you poison and penury as panacea. The new absurdist push into “We need blackouts and climate lockdowns and 15-minute cities” is an idea as dangerous as it is deluded. It will not save. It will kill.

bad policy

Bad Policy Assures a Perpetual Sense of Burning Crisis


So yes, this is 100% a political issue, but it’s not the one it’s being represented as. This is a policy fail. That which worked was abandoned for that which sounded good to a few eco-rubes, and now we are all paying the price. Reality is not optional, and ecology denial is a very expensive foible. It’s time we stopped pretending that there are no trade-offs here and begin (once more) doing the sensible thing.


3/16: The Day That Will Live in Infamy


While perhaps the US is a Constitutional republic in form and theory, in terms of function it has devolved into something far less suited to human flourishing. America has elevated, enabled, and become largely captured by a bureaucratic security apparatus whose raison d’être was purported to be fighting wartime threats. But the war machine does not exist to produce victory.

claims lack foundation

Farewell Questions for Rochelle Walensky


If we would seek to have the agencies of public health act as something other than a marketing arm and apologist for the revolving door of Pharma with whom they seem to so regularly swap staff and sinecure then it must once more be turned to serve the public. It may do so only if it regains the public trust and such trust, once lost, may only be restored by asking the hard questions and diligently following the answers wherever so they may lead until we may understand what went wrong, hold the negligent or malefactors to account, and have the means to prevent this from happening again.


E-Verify Is Deeply Dangerous 


Do you really want to hand a tool this potent to government and trust that they will “only use it to do nice things”? Because that seems like a very bad bet.

The Greatest Lie Told During Covid

The Greatest Lie Told During Covid


Deaths in the US used to be more volatile. but since the advent of penicillin, that stopped. Pre-covid, I do not think there has been a single year in US history since 1945 where the age adjusted death rate exceeded something “normal” from within the five years prior to “pandemic” year. 

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