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Political Shrinkflation


When I first saw this video, I presumed it had to be some sort of satire. Apparently, it’s not. (link to potus account)

A sitting US president actually just did this.

It’s like some form of Poe’s law where any leader of sufficient decrepitude cannot be discerned from a deepfake parody of himself.

(press play)

YouTube video

It’s hard to even tell what he’s going for here. Honestly, what is he asking companies to do?

To keep sizes the same and raise prices?

Or to keep size and price flat into high cost inflation (driven by federal policy) that would more or less halve their profits in a year and render them profitless in two?

It’s a serious mystery.

What is not a mystery is that hot on the heels of his recent exculpation on charges of mishandling classified documents because the investigators deemed him too senile to be convicted and/or to have know what he was doing.

And his ruinous speech/diatribe defending himself that came off more like “old man yells at clouds” than “elder statesman,” Senor Biden is taking big hits left and right.

And the knives are fully out for him and in plain view.

No one is hiding anymore.

Even CNN is savaging him.

That’s when you truly know you have run out of air cover from the left.

What fascinates me is that it looks like his own team has turned on him. Consider: he’s got literal phalanxes of minders and handlers, marketing people, PR people.

And they are letting him get up and speak and sound like this at a time when he’s being accused of not being all there?

This is past sabotage. It might well be over the line into elder abuse.

It’s outright hard to watch.

This is the team that knew enough to run a campaign from a basement and a presidency from Delaware.

But suddenly it’s President Puddinhead on parade.

It’s over guys.

Joe will not be the Democratic candidate.

And the gang is going wild to get him out and someone else in. Just as some internet cat (who shall remain nameless to stop him from getting a swollen ego) predicted.

Once Trump was locked in as candidate, it was time to give Joe the hook by allowing his incapacity to be shown widely.

And the next move is for the Getty/Pelosi wing to put forward greasy Gavin as the “reluctant savior” who rides in to unify the party and set the stage for the torch passing of team donkey generations.

You can see all the signs if you look closely.

Bill Maher is talking him up.

(press play)

YouTube video

Fancy Nancy is staying in office despite longstanding desire to retire because she’s gotta be there to raise money and whip the base.

The election will be Don and Gav and Gav has a real shot at winning even without dirty tricks (and there WILL be dirty tricks).

He’s younger, a better speaker, has better support in terms of political machine. He’ll attack Trump on abortion, Trump will fight back on the border, and if Gav is really smart/machiavellian, he’ll jump the tracks and join Texas on border control. I doubt he has the cojones, but if he did, he’d win the election at a walk.

Brace for it. This is going to be a brutal 9 months.

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