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Their Victory is Not Set in Stone

Their Victory is Not Set in Stone


Here is the Premier of Australia, which has become such a hotbed of censorship efforts of late, opining that it is the “responsibility” of social media platforms to suppress “misinformation.”

He specifically lauds taking down memes of him with his face superimposed onto other images.

Being a certain sort of cat, this put me into a certain sort of mindset.

Because perhaps certain people need to learn about the Streisand Effect.

And about the power of memes.

And the way in which memes help us see more clearly just what these vexatious vassals of verity violation mean with all this vituperative vilification.

It all comes down to seeking a monopoly on truth, a monopoly on being allowed to speak, a top-down guild system for what can be know and what can be said.

It’s becoming an industry and an increasingly unaccountable international order.

It’s all the usual suspects. It’s the intelligence agencies, the WEF, and the billionaire clown club pushing this through non-profit profiteers around alleged global health, global climate, and global security.

And the fight is here. It’s not tomorrow, it’s now.

They have been surrounding us.

And now they will seek to tighten the noose so that it becomes as inescapable as it is unaccountable.

They want your privacy.

They want your anonymity.

This is not about your safety.

This is about their safety.

By Matthew Waxman and Adam KleinMr. Waxman served in senior national security roles in the George W. Bush administration. Mr. Klein served as the chairman of the Privacy and Civil Liberties Oversight Board from 2018 to 2021.

From the authors who brought you such other classics as “Yes, of course there are WMD’s” and “Why yes, the 3 letter agencies do respect your civil liberties, swearsies!”

And this is not coming from every side at once as some some sort of lockstep emergence of talking points by coincidence.

This is an orchestrated plan coming from exactly where one would suspect it was.

It’s the same confluence as Covid.

This is not a secret.

This is the part where the game goes overt.

We know who these folks are and what they want.

Their “New World Order” and “Great Reset” of locking down into 15-minute cities and having no privacy and owning nothing is not a secret. It’s all out on the table in full blown bond villain monologues.

Their own accusations indict them with unerring precision as they “always accuse the other side of that which they are guilty.”

quote from justin trudeau

And they are gearing up for the next attack. It will be on a new axis (or more likely a set of axes), because that’s the game.

We’re seeing all manner of issues blowing up in the Middle East. That’s the invite for the security state. And suddenly we have widespread protests all over the US and other nations in support of “known terrorist groups.” These protests look oddly well-organized and vitriolic. They are starting to veer into violence and threats.

I have no idea if the Soros funhouse gang or the WEF or the IC are helping to stir this up to create a pretext for grabbing surveillance and suppression powers or if it’s just radicalism gone wrong and another collectivist youth movement showing the unavoidable lesson that those who make careers of dragging others into struggle sessions inevitably wind up dragged in themselves, but in the end, it does not really matter.

(To be clear, I absolutely believe that they all would happily do something like this, I’m just not sure if they are smart or effective enough and I hesitate to ascribe such outcomes to plotting in the absence of specific evidence. But it’s not like these groups were or recently became trustworthy.)

But what I do know is this:

Whatever the source or impetus, they are not going to let “a crisis” go to waste.

“Terrorism” is a wonderful election gambit (and there are elections all over the world this year and they have not been going well for “team globalist” lately).

It’s a cross ideology bipartisan tried and true hobgoblin to frighten, unify, and manipulate a populace. It’s how you scare people into trading rights for the illusion of safety.

And we all know how THAT one goes.

Just imagine the response they will justify and demand and the intrusions they will normalize and portray as virtue the picosecond something blows up in a bombing or someone gets targeted and killed.

“Now is not the time to argue about rights, now is the time to act!”

Make no mistake. It’s coming.

They don’t need to do it themselves, just shake the jar until the bugs fight. You set the ball rolling and you sit back and wait.

It’s Dictator 101: you encourage and up the pressure until some atrocity occurs and/or life becomes intolerable and then you swoop in to grab power and fix it.

You don’t need to go full “reichstag fire.” (but it’s always an option)

This game is as old as time and never gets any less dirty.

They do it because it works. They do it by relentless increment. They disorient, they frighten, then they take. When you wake up and push back, they give a little back, slide into the background, and wait for you to calm down. But you never get back 90% of what was usurped and it just normalizes such takings for next time. And there is always a next time.

They are gearing up to do it again. The signs are all there.

And the way to stop it is to call it out now.

It’s MUCH harder for a magician to do a trick if Penn and Teller are sitting in the audience calling out the methods right beforehand. It renders the whole thing transparent and silly.

And this is why they want our speech, our memes, our ability to build and support community.

And this is why they must not have them.

The inch we must not yield is this inch.

They are not seeking to suppress us because we are powerless.

They are seeking to suppress us because they are afraid.

We are many and we are strong.

And we are increasingly awake, aware, and unified against these ideas and agendas.

This is a gross miscalculation by the Statists.

And we must ensure that we too do not let this crisis go to waste.

The hearts and minds are not with them.

They are with us.

We’re seeing it start to rise all over the world.

As we know our own minds and their tricks, we will come to turn them out.

They are hopelessly outmatched.

And the time for tolerating totalitarian power grabs is over.

So let’s go.

The revolution will be fun.

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