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George O’Har is an MIT Ph.D., Air Force veteran, and former electrical engineer. At Boston College, he taught courses on Literature and Technology, Utopia, Creative Writing, Creative Non-Fiction and American Literary History

talking about vaccine

Why I’m No Longer Talking to People About the Vaccine


As citizens, concerned citizens, we engage in debate not to hear ourselves talk, but to convince others of the truth of what we claim. What is supposed to happen, in a debate, ideally speaking, is that the person who makes the best and most convincing argument carries the day. What that means in everyday language is that if I best you in a debate, you change your mind. The same goes for me. Evidence changes people’s minds. 

The Purge: Call Me Ishmael


This is my small story, one of thousands. This isn’t about science. If it was about science, we never would have attempted to shut down our economy. This is about power, and politics. The mandates are just another face of the political correctness that is crippling our universities.

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