Megan Mansell

Megan Mansell is a former district education director over special populations integration, serving students who are profoundly disabled, immunocompromised, undocumented, autistic, and behaviorally challenged; she also has a background in hazardous environs PPE applications. She is experienced in writing and monitoring protocol implementation for immunocompromised public sector access under full ADA/OSHA/IDEA compliance. She can be reached at [email protected]

When Will Our Sense of Security Return?

Our leadership keeps proving out how truly unprepared and incompetent they are in vastly different areas. Why aren’t we listening, as they warn us that it’s only getting worse, yet we continue to be so comfortably detached? The truth is that our leaders did this to us, under the advice of intellectuals who thought they knew better than everyone else. Now we live with the shocking fallout.

A Child’s Life In a World on Mute

For the duration of Noah’s educational experience, caregivers have put themselves first, with his needs utterly disregarded, the permanence of their impact on his life and his long-term ability to communicate cruelly displaced by the safety theater imposed by his school system. 

The Antisocialization of Our Nation

We antisocialized ourselves, fully withdrew from random commingling, and in a way filtered ourselves from society. Life lost its luster when expected to test or inoculate oneself with something with no longitudinal safety assessments in order to live a life anything close to what we once took for granted.

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