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Brownstone » Psychology


Psychology articles feature analysis about public health, policy, ethics, and society.

All psychology articles at Brownstone Institute are translated automatically into multiple languages.

Open Letter to the People: The Time is Now

Open Letter to the People: The Time is Now


I therefore appeal to all of you – particularly those who have thus far lived in denial –who read this open letter, to find fortitude, resilience, and above all, courage and faith in yourselves, that we can and will succeed in ridding the world of the wicked coterie of technocratic neo-fascists hiding under the umbrella of the UN, the WEF, and the WHO, so that we can reassert our ethical and political rights and duties toward one another in a world dedicated to peace instead of internecine war at many levels. Humanity has always striven for peace as an ideal; it is worth doing so again.

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Ancient Political Advice for Today's Rulers

Ancient Political Advice for Today’s Rulers


Psy-ops employ a diversity of psychological strategies and techniques to exercise influence over the feelings, thoughts, and behaviour of a selected group, with the obvious goal of persuading the people comprising the latter, usually via various modes of deception, to act in a desired manner. If this sounds familiar, don’t be surprised. It has been carried out on the populations of the world’s countries since at least 2020, and arguably for much longer.

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On the Modern Plight of the Youth

On the Modern Plight of the Youth


By ownership, I don’t just mean physical possessions. As the posts from the younger Brownstone contributors have made clear, it must also mean ownership of, and active participation in: 1) our shared culture; 2) a faith-based connection to the eternal; 3) a revitalization of the family; and, 4) a return to the principals of our Constitutional republic. All of these things are hanging by a thread, and the younger generations are paying, and will continue to pay a very heavy price for as long as these items are not addressed head-on.

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The Bison Advantage

The Bison Advantage


How will you respond next time you face a moral challenge? Will you walk headfirst into the storm like the bison or turn and drift with it? Have you used the time over the last two years to figure out what matters most to you? What costs have you prepared yourself to be able to bear? Our future depends on what you do, what each of us does, with the little moments we have right now.

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The WHO's Road to Totalitarianism

The WHO’s Road to Totalitarianism


In a nutshell, it means that this unelected organisation would have the authority to proclaim lockdowns and ‘medical (or health) emergencies,’ as well as mandatory ‘vaccinations’ at the whim of the WHO’s Director-General, reducing the freedom to traverse space freely to ironclad spatial confinement in one fell swoop. This is what ‘total terror’ would mean. It is my fervent hope that something can still be done to avert this imminent nightmare.

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The Taboo Ingredient for Progress: Shame - Brownstone Institute

The Taboo Ingredient for Progress: Shame


What no one told us, however, is that this reformist method of engendering peaceful change was highly dependent on the existence of a broadly-subscribed ethos of honesty, goodwill and, perhaps most of all, healthy shame in the class of people possessing an outsized ability to promote new ways of approaching social problems.

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When Panic Became Normalized - Brownstone Institute

When Panic Became Normalized


What leaders in government did, whether it be President Trump on the national level or your health department head on the local level, was an abject failure in what is one of the first duties of good leadership. To encourage panic and the psychological devastation that accompanies panic is wicked and depraved. The lack of accountability for nearly any of those guilty portends a future even more devoid of the necessary virtues required for good leadership.

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The Playmobil Society vs. The Game of Nations - Brownstone Institute

The Playmobil Society vs. The Game of Nations


Our models represent, largely, a collaborative social universe, where people play by rules, say what they mean, and act with honesty and integrity — and where, in general, we do not deal with calculating minds trained in the arts of war and espionage. Their models, on the other hand, encompass a reality that exists completely off this game board, which is not beholden to it, and whose players often take each other’s movements into account and plot reactions several steps in advance. 

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The Consensus Conspiracy - Brownstone Institute

The Consensus Conspiracy


The difference between the two is the impression of the intent of the group by those on the outside. Conspiracies are manifestly suspect and created out of nefarious motives to achieve a specific, most likely at least unethical, goal. Consensuses are seen as positive constructs, having been arrived at after open discussion, healthy debate, and a consideration of all relevant factors.

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Brownstone Institute - How to Repair Our Post Repentance Culture

How to Repair Our Post-Repentance Culture


Maybe I’m blind to their existence, but outside the largely narcissistic and comfortably non-personal woke rituals of remorse, I see few institutional pressures in our culture for young people, or anyone for that matter, to undertake the serious and always consequential act of examining their behaviors in the light of moral principles. Just the opposite, in fact. 

How to Repair Our Post-Repentance Culture Read More »

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