Serena Johnson

Serena Johnson is an English major who studied at The King's University in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada for five years. She was one of the university's first blind students. She was forced to take Academic Leave due to the vaccine mandate, which negatively impacted her ability to learn.

Up From Pandemic Exclusion

Covid restrictions amplified the issues by isolating me from the rest of the world, which caused me to forget some of the self-advocacy and socialization skills that I worked to develop throughout my life. Forgetting harms a differently abled individual’s ability to participate fully in community life. Many people do not know about or consider these problems. 

My Life After Leaving College

Being forced to leave university was very painful. My university adopted Alberta’s Restriction Exemption Program. None of the options given to allow me to continue my education were suitable. That left Academic Leave as my only choice. 

I’m Fighting for My Right to Learn

While wearing a mask, I feel anonymous and inhuman. Few people are willing to approach me for conversation, compounding the difficulties I already face due to my disabilities. My disabilities made people nervous about including me in activities because they were afraid to approach. 

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