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unvaccinated Sweden

“Vaccinated” Sweden: A Response to a Brainwashed Critic


When I saw on my Excel file that the Covid mortality ratio — Sweden versus Israel — during the winter wave of 2020–2021 was identical to the usual ratio, and there is no statistical hint of averted Covid deaths in Israel, I was astonished. I expected to see some indication that vaccinated Israel fared better than unvaccinated Sweden.

Rhode Island Department of Health stonewalling

Why Is Rhode Island Stonewalling About a 37-Year-Old Woman’s Vaccine Death?


Critically, what one also gleans from the autopsy report is that the 37-year-old female decedent was free of any serious, chronic comorbidity—certainly in all the major organ systems examined, grossly, including the cardiovascular system. Moreover, she was not on medical therapy, and had no evidence of significant external injury, per the report. 

Santa Clara University

Santa Clara University Students Must Take Covid Vaccines or Withdraw


Given that the emergency is officially over, and the shots have proven to be both ineffective and in some cases harmful, now more than ever, SCU must defend the science and ethics behind their refusal to drop them. In the absence of such transparency, we are left to assume that Osofsky, along with SCCMA and SCCPH, must be using SCU students as mere pawns to achieve their unscientific and authoritarian vaccination goals and quotas.

mediocre vaccine

How a Highly Effective Vaccine Turns Into a Mediocre Vaccine — or Worse


The implication of the “healthy vaccinee” phenomenon — when estimating vaccine effectiveness — is called confounding bias. A naïve comparison of Covid mortality in vaccinated people and unvaccinated people, even if age-adjusted, is grossly misleading because the latter have higher risk of death to begin with. At least part of their higher Covid mortality, if not all, has nothing to do with not being vaccinated. They are simply sicker people.

cdc altered minnesota death certificates

CDC Altered Minnesota Death Certificates that List a Covid Vaccine as a Cause of Death


The actions of the CDC call into question whether the CDC is altogether qualified or trustworthy enough to be the steward of the nation’s epidemiological data. The CDC manages many of the datasets that underpin whole fields of study. If the CDC is willing to fraudulently alter data (or even if the CDC is just too incompetent to avoid corrupting data), all data under the aegis of the CDC is potentially suspect, especially if it relates to a controversial political or social issue.


German Scientists Uncover Evidence that EU Pfizer-BioNTech Batches Included Placebos


German scientists have uncovered startling evidence that a substantial portion of the batches of the Pfizer-BioNTech Covid-19 vaccine deployed in the European Union may in fact have consisted of placebos – and hence were not even subjected to quality-control testing by the German agency which was in principle responsible for approving their release.

serious harm

Sorry but Serious Harms from the Vaccine are Not Rare


Drug regulators and public health agencies have saturated the airways with claims that serious harms following covid vaccination are “rare.” There has been very little scrutiny of that claim by the media, and I could not find an instance where international agencies actually quantified what they meant by the term “rare” or provided a scientific source.

Israel deaths

Thousands of Averted Covid Deaths in Israel: Science Fiction


Lockdowns were futile and detrimental, mask mandates were futile, Covid vaccines were marginally beneficial, futile, or worse, and influential studies of vaccine effectiveness contain at least one major flaw, and probably more. These truths will become common knowledge when contemporary, brainwashed Covid scientists are replaced by a new generation of scientists with inquisitive minds.

woke religion

What and Why is ‘Woke?’ 


Woke’s lust for destruction has emerged from the heart of a decaying Western society. Woke is an attack on the most potent and healthy elements of that society, backed by the super-rich who seek more control. At once a sterile new religion of the useless to celebrate uselessness, a fanatical doomsday cult, and a thief of what is good, healthy and self-affirming, woke represents in four letters what ails the West, and the antithesis of what is needed to heal the West.

accidental discovery

The Vax-Gene Files: An Accidental Discovery


If McKernan’s findings are verified, the implications are serious. Widespread DNA contamination would bring into question the quality of the entire mRNA injection manufacturing process, safety systems, and regulatory oversight. In addition, DNA might not be the only contaminant.

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