White House Disinformation about Kids and Covid

Jha has repeatedly spread misinformation about masks while overtly promoting vaccine passports and verification, and last summer claimed that “unvaccinated, unmasked folks” are the drivers of transmission, while ignoring that cases surged in highly masked and vaccinated areas like San Francisco:

After Summer, Europe to Target the Unvaccinated

The European Commission’s April 27th documents thus clearly invoke a new rollout of the Covid-19 vaccination campaign in the fall, specifically targeting the hitherto unvaccinated and also children. Moreover, if the Commission gets its way – as it can be expected to – and the EU Digital Covid Certificate is indeed extended, they also raise the specter of this new rollout being combined with exactly the same coercive, discriminatory measures that turned Europe’s unvaccinated into social pariahs for much of the last year.  

The CDC’s $2.4M Campus Marketing Program

Why did the CDC believe it was worthwhile to spend $2.4 million trying to convince college students to get vaccinated for a disease that poses little serious threat to most young, healthy individuals? Furthermore, why did the CDC and ACHA feel it was appropriate to peddle a potentially risky drug to young people as if it were a lifestyle brand? 

Monkeypox: The Next Big Scare

Health authorities in the two continents have thus far identified only a few dozen cases. And while there’s no reason for concern at the moment, here’s what convinced me to put this on your radar. The U.S. government decided to order millions of doses of monkeypox vaccine.

The FDA’s Audacious Move to Boost Kids Aged 5-11yrs

Some members have raised concerns that the drug regulator has repeatedly moved ahead with decisions on booster doses without holding open public discussions and say the agency is relying less and less on its independent experts for advice before approving drugs.

The Triumph of Natural Immunity

The CDC, the FDA, schools, and universities are pushing covid vaccines without having shown any benefit to the majority of children who have already had covid. It is stunning how these institutions have abandoned 2,500 years of knowledge about natural immunity. For the minority of children without a prior covid infection, the RCTs only show a short-term reduction in mild disease.

On What Basis Did Pfizer Claim 95%?

The 95% VE (vaccine efficacy) arises from the 8 confirmed Covid cases from the vaccinated group (from at least 7 days after Dose 2) compared to 162 from the placebo group. These two data points are essentially what Pfizer hang their hat on to prove their vaccine was a success.

Another Look at Covid Vaccine Studies

All the observational studies which have been carried out with the Covid-19 vaccines suffer, apart from some of the well-known general biases, from exactly the same fundamental flaw:  They show a decrease in “Covid-19-related” symptom-free or symptomatic cases, hospitalizations or deaths, but they do not ask the question whether this decline in test-positive patients translates into an overall reduction of flu cases, of (atypical) pneumonias, of hospitalizations and deaths. 

Fear and Loathing of the Unvaccinated Gets Another Boost

The much publicized CMAJ simulation study is based on assumptions which are known to be flawed. The conclusions may be true in an alternate world where immunity from natural exposure is poor, and Covid-19 vaccine have high efficacy which does not wane; but they certainly do not hold in the real world.

New Zealand Used Selective Science and Force to Drive High Vaccination Rates 

It’s probable that the mountain of legislation produced over the last two years never fulfilled democratic norms of accountability and transparency. For science in a pandemic to be harnessed to serve the public interest, the institutions that set those terms of reference must be guided by principles that protect health. 

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