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A Brief History of Stolen Lives


On the third anniversary of the worst exercise of public policy in American history, and while most people would now like to forget the pandemic response so they can act as if they weren’t accomplices to it, I present the following, concise retrospective: 

Scientifically illiterate, germophobic Trump panicked while the Democrats and a complicit media used phony statistics and hospital videos to scare people. 

Although perhaps no healthy people under 70 died “of Covid” and nearly all those infected and over 70 survived, many believed “the virus” was a universal, lethal threat. 

The vast majority of those said to have died from a virus really died of old age, non-Covid illnesses, medical errors or despair born of isolation. 

“Experts” prescribed stay-at-home orders, leaky masks and wildly inaccurate tests. These were political theater that predictably failed and caused much harm.

As if to mock peoples’ gullibility, governments also promoted a series of corny, but widely embraced and invoked, slogans and decreed a long list of absurd rules, such as one-way walking in stores and masking in restaurants until food arrives. 

Most schools were closed for 18 months. The laptop class willingly sacrificed the young by stealing irreplaceable experiences and social development time from them.

Churches too were shut for two holiday seasons.

Federal and state governments spent multiple trillions of dollars on worthless measures and caused massive inflation, which is causing additional, lasting economic, financial, and social problems.

Though unneeded, the government paid tens of billions to develop, buy, and promote “vaccines.” The President and many “experts” confidently asserted that the shots would stop infection and spread. Tens of millions of people were unconstitutionally required to inject. Though Pharma mega-profited, the shots failed, facilitated infection and caused many injuries and deaths.

Media, Big Tech, and the government actively censored those who sought to tell the truth about all of the foregoing.

Brother stood against brother, sister against sister, and friend against ex-friend.

Throughout, many Americans displayed profound deficits of knowledge and logic. They foolishly believed that, by hiding from each other, humans could make a respiratory virus vanish into the ether.

Very few who aggressively supported the futile, destructive “mitigation” measures have admitted that they’ve been wrong throughout. The few who have belatedly admitted this absolve themselves by falsely insisting they “couldn’t have known” that these interventions would cause serious, lasting damage.

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