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A Doctor Cannot Give his Professional Opinion? 


In scientific journals it is common practice that, whenever a doctor or scientist, instead of presenting the results of an experiment, puts forth a point of view, a counter to the argument is printed at a subsequent time. This back and forth may continue for a few times, depending on the editor.

Issues & Insights is, of course, not a publication exclusively of scientific findings, although it has in the past presented articles by professionals in the health and scientific fields. One such is a recent article by Dr. Henry Miller, which I would like to counter herein.

In it, Dr. Miller puts forth a blistering, insulting attack on Florida’s African-American Surgeon General. The basis for the attack is that (a) Dr. Joseph Ladapo criticized the safety of the covid “vaccines” (b) he recommends against getting the latest covid boosters for people under the age of 65, which contradicts the CDC which wants children as young as 6 months to be injected and (c) Ladapo disagrees with the CDC, to which everyone must obey without question.

First of all, vital information is being left out in Dr. Miller’s article regarding the “vaccines,” namely (a) that they did not go through the usual, mandatory, series of trials because of the hyperpanic that ensued in the first months when it was predicted that covid 19 would kill millions and millions of people, a panic to which many people became addicted to (referred by Bill Maher as “pandemic porn”) (b) as I never get tired of repeating, the covid injections are NOT true vaccines in that they do not contain inert pathogens as is usually the case, but involve a novel treatment using mRNA. Many well-educated persons are aware of these facts, hence their resistance to submit without question. A few may even remember the tragedies of thalidomide and cisapride (Propulsid).

Recently. Dr. Ladapo has come out stating that the new boosters have had no clinical trials prior to putting them out in the market, yet they are being promoted.

Second, it is perfectly normal and acceptable for physicians and scientists to give opposing opinions to matters within their purview. It is called science. It is called second opinion. This is elementary. If it cannot be questioned, then it is not science, it is propaganda. Only with the covid hysteria (and of course, the transgender cult) has this basic pillar of scientific procedure been attacked and demonized.

There are certain individuals in society (present company exempted) who, on certain topics like covid, scream out “The Science is settled!” The implication being that no further discussion should take place or be allowed. For one thing, such a battle cry goes against the very essence of science. Science always questions, always doubts, always reexamines. For another, such an outlook is totalitarian in nature.

Third, Dr. Ladapo is not alone in his position, he is not some isolated crank with these ideas. Far from it. Let’s start with the Great Barrington Declaration by Drs. Martin Kulldorff, Sunetra Gupta, and Jay Bhattacharya, which would ultimately be endorsed by hundreds of thousands of scientists. Almost immediately upon its publication it came under attack by what I call the media hivemind and the Covidians, primarily through insults, stating that giving their professional opinion was arrogant, that it was a manifesto of death, as well as equating the public health scientists with climate deniers, flat earthers, Q-Anon, and Creationists. It has been my observation that when leftists have no counterarguments, they usually bury the offender with a cascade of abuse. And, of course, censorship.

There are many other dissidents. Some went public and, naturally, came under attack. Among others, the most visible have been Drs. Scott Atlas, Peter McCullough, and Robert Malone, but there have been dozens and dozens of physicians/scientists who have also been relegated to the role of Cassandra. In addition, practitioners quietly saved patients’ lives by prescribing medication that had been forbidden by both the media hivemind and the CDC for no medical reason, or refused to administer the toxic injections which by then had become obvious were dangerous.

As a result of their integrity, they were demonized, fired from their jobs, and some even had their licenses revoked. Simply for giving their professional opinion on the transmissibility and mortality of the virus, and the efficacy of the faux-vaccines. I have documented some of these brave physicians/scientists who were targeted and why. The same applies to conscientious nurses

An undercover operation recorded persons working in a pharmaceutical company saying that children do not need vaccines and should not get it. As usual, this was ignored by the propaganda outlets. John Soriano was an executive at a pharmaceutical company who resigned in protest for coercing its employees to take the vaccine (he did so willingly), thereby personally forfeiting millions of dollars, “because I cannot support such an immoral, anti-science show of force.” His narrative is well worth a read.

Fourth, Dr. Miller seems to be unaware of the fact that many individuals who have submitted to being injected with the mRNA concoction along with boosters—two, three, four times—have contracted the covid virus anyway, including the director of the CDC! In fact, in some places those who received the injection were more prone to subsequently become infected: (A) In Massachusetts 74 percent% of those with covid had been “vaccinated” (B) 70 percent% of covid cases within CDC had been “vaccinated” (C) 98 percent% of persons in an outbreak of covid in Norway were vaccinated (D) in the UK, during July 2021, over 47 percent% of new covid cases were from persons who had submitted to the injection (E) although having 100% percent “vaccination,” Gibraltar had 5,371 cases, 15.8 percent% of its total population. More studies from around the world have confirmed this.

Fifth, unlike Dr. Ladapo, Dr. Miller seems to be unaware of the plethora of worldwide studies that have been published in journals which have found a host of adverse effects from the mRNA. These have included ocular damage, D-dimer elevation, pancreatitis, and mania. There has also been a link between the injection and Bell’s palsy, cancer, GuillainBarré Syndrome, vaginal bleeding, and syncope. However, the overwhelming type of adverse effects have been myocarditis and pericarditis. And many of these have proven fatal, particularly in young males, particularly athletes. Look it up. 

Therefore, Dr. Ladapo’s (and others’) recommendation against getting the injection is thoroughly justifiable, regardless of Dr. Miller’s insults, considering the scientific evidence of higher than normal adverse effects compared to a regular vaccine, particularly when it is taken into account that the mortality rate from covid alone was grossly exaggerated due to financial incentives to report it and the media-induced hysteria. Furthermore, it was known from the very beginning that young people were practically immune from covid, yet, there was/is a hellbent fanaticism to mask and “vaccinate” the young.

Lastly, the CDC. The integrity of the CDC was compromised before the covid fiasco. The pharmaceutical industry, which gives the CDC millions of dollars each year, has been found to have great clout within the bureaucracy to the point that scientists within the agency have sounded the alarm. The CDC has been involved in several scandals in the past. To unquestionably trust any bureaucracy is naïve.

In regards to the covid fiasco, we find that the CDC behaved worse than usual. It promoted face masks to prevent contagion even though it is well known they have no effect in prevention. Mask mandates were simply a symbol of conformity, of obedience.

Something that Dr. Miller should acknowledge, or investigate if he is ignorant of it, is that governmental agencies (CDC, FDA) and media outlets engaged in deliberate, coordinated censorship of facts and professional opinions that contradicted the dogma. It deliberately lied to the public regarding the faux vaccine’s safety; in fact, it tried to hide vital data, i. e., scientific fraud.

The same is true for the FDA. The faux vaccine’s toxicity was known as early as February 2021, yet bureaucracies and the media hivemind continued to push it. In fact, if one looks at the news reporting on this scandal, the mainstream media (ABC, CNN, CBS, NBC, NPR, Washington Post, New York Times, etc.) refused to report it. They simply became propaganda outlets. Nor is it just the bureaucracies, but the push for censorship includes rank- and- file physicians who have become fervent Covidians even though their patients are being traumatized. Truly contemptible.

Inexpensive, effective drugs with which to treat covid were demonized in a propaganda effort to the point that physicians who recommended these drugs were penalized and evidence of their effectiveness was suppressed. They were hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin; the latter, in particular, was sneered as a “horse dewormer” (the two doctors who developed ivermectin received the Nobel Prize in Medicine). The FDA and other bureaucracies such as the AMA deliberately lied to the public.

Instead of these safe medications which were cheap for the patient, remdesivir was officially recommended, which was dangerous and expensive (but profitable for the pharmaceutical companies). Patients in hospitals who begged for the medication were denied by the fanatic staff. Doctors who advocated the forbidden medication were demonized by journalists as being tied to right-wing political groups. Countries that had no ties to the American media used the forbidden drugs with positive results. After several published studies, authorities finally and grudgingly admitted the efficacy of hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin.

Recently, the CDC recommended covid boosters even though those boosters have never been tested on humans. 

And, if its reputation had not suffered enough, the CDC is now wading in favor of the transgender-castration cult. So how trustworthy can they be?

As tempting as it is, I will leave for another day extensively listing the crimes that were committed by the Covidians, the persecution and terrorizing of nonconformists, the basic human rights that were violated, and the extensive censorship in both the social and mainstream media, though elsewhere I have documented the hypocrisy of our sanctimonious overlords who fulminated in public against persons breaking lockdown for not wearing masks yet did the same because they were the entitled elite. I omit these topics because they were issues not raised in Dr. Miller’s original paper.

The authorities were wrong in every single aspect of the pandemic: the number of deaths, the number of deaths predicted, the lockdown, the masks, the faux-vaccine, the treatments, the medications, the collateral damage, the refusal to give treatment to the unvaccinated, the ethics. The covid fiasco and the resulting censorship and persecution will go down as one of the classic cases to be taught in medical schools for decades to come.

I have given Dr. Miller the benefit of the doubt in stating that he is ignorant of the above facts and studies. But the alternative could be that he is a true believer.

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