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Armando Simón is a retired psychologist, originally from Cuba, and author of The U, Fables From the Americas and A Prison Mosaic.

Mask Up and Don't Ask Questions

Mask Up and Don’t Ask Questions


Now, for our own good, we are supposed to relive the covid fiasco, perhaps to gauge how submissive the population remains. Considering the fact that neither the overlords nor the rank-and-file Covidians were ever held accountable—not at the local level, not at the state/provincial level, not at the national level—there is a basis for their optimism. 


The Relevance of Milgram’s Experiments in Today’s World


Whether in America, Australia, Ireland, Germany, or Italy, Western Civilization is under the onslaught by totalitarians on a number of different fronts, and to date they are winning hands down. Having lived in a totalitarian regime, I (and others) recognize all the signs. Frankly, the future is bleak. 

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