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Five Presentations on Viruses and Epidemics by Dr. Dan Stock


Dr. Dan Stock’s presentation at the Mt. Vernon, Indiana, school board meeting was succinct, clear, and enormously revealing, even if it did contradict the main messaging from the NIH/CDC on matters of virus transmission. It went “viral,” as they say, clearly striking a nerve among a public that is weary of the lack of clarity and shifting advisories from official sources. It made a contribution because it was rooted in research and connected with the understanding of virus transmission and mitigation that public health wisdom prior to 2020 had long promoted.

As a result, his presentation was censored by many online portals. That is the usual way in 2020-21. The best scientists reporting the best science are routinely censored, so often that it is no longer a surprise. It is just part of the contemporary protocol. There is only one “science” and it is whatever the politicized and deeply partisan spokespeople of large official institutions say it is.

Fortunately, brave intellectuals continue to speak out. They do have platforms for posting, even if they get a fraction of the traffic of the mainstream venues. More and more, as with bad times in controlled environments, you stand a better chance of gaining access to truth through these samizdat venues than those which are compliant with the new censorship.

Dan Stock is a family physician in Noblesville, Indiana. He received his medical degree from Indiana University School of Medicine and has been in practice for more than 20 years. He has chosen to speak out on a number of different topics related to Covid. Thanks to Rumble, we have a complete course from him in viruses and epidemiology that has received far too little attention.

These videos begin with his riveting presentation at the school board, followed by his more systematic lectures.

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