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How Did All of this Happen?


For almost three years I’ve been researching Covid topics. Based on this deep dive, I feel qualified to offer opinions on the question of how all the events of the last three years actually materialized.

Stated differently, how did all of this madness actually happen?

I quickly identified several big themes or pivotal events that help explain how so many nonsensical and harmful policies became a reality.

Readers can identify other features that were important in getting us to where we are today. As always, feedback is appreciated and welcome.

Note: “They” = public health officials, establishment authority figures and leaders, myriad vested interests who were all “on the same page” when it comes to Covid policies and narratives.

My partial list:

They sold fear … hard, incessantly, shamelessly, brazenly, unapologetically.

In short, hyper fear of a novel (and “deadly”) virus was THE prerequisite for everything that followed. So how was this mass fear/panic actually produced?

The groundwork must have begun many months and years before the “Wuhan outbreak.”

Multiple “table top” exercises (like Event 201) were conducted to lay the groundwork for what would follow

All the key “stakeholders” were recruited to participate in these events, often organized by groups like the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. Politicians, bureaucrats, key media members, physicians, scientists, and representatives of all the key agencies and organizations were recruited and then participated in these exercises.

Main-Takeaway: Advance “buy in” had already been achieved regarding the key premises of these table-top planning exercises. An event like Covid-19 had already been predicted and this was the blueprint for dealing with this … if you were going to be a part of the enlightened group that was going to help save the world.

Significantly, no participants ever questioned any of the assumptions built in to these exercises and when Covid was announced nobody wanted to challenge any of the responses. 

Appeals to authority, groupthink, wanting to support the “current thing” (to protect your status and career advancement opportunities) helped ensure that no significant dissenting voices would come forward to thwart or block the agreed-upon course of action.

Logistical and legislative actions had already been implemented to ensure nothing or no one could block the response.  “Emergency orders” of bureaucrats trumped the need for legislative votes, which were not even required to implement policies that turned the world upside down.

It now seems that the Department of Defense played a larger role (than most realized) in making the key decisions. 

Still, Fauci, Birx (a former military doctor), and Collins played a large role in orchestrating policy and getting the president to go along with their recommendations.

At some point, China’s response – locking down parts of their country – was endorsed as the bold and effective solution that should be used everywhere. The outbreak in northern Italy helped create more fear.

“There’s still time to stop the spread”

I’ve written many articles about “early spread.” However, one of the key planks explaining how what happened in America actually happened was the widespread belief that “late spread” of this virus was occurring. 

That is, the virus had not yet spread through America (and other countries) and thus it was wise and proactive to implement draconian lockdowns and non-pharmaceutical interventions to slow or stop the spread of the virus. The public was told that that they could “flatten the curve” with just two weeks of inconvenience.

Significantly, nobody in official capacity or the mainstream press ever questioned whether the virus may have already spread throughout much of the country or the world (even though cases of influenza-like illness were rampant in many sections of the country/world).

Getting physicians groups on board was key …

Organizers of the response, per their table top exercises and research, knew that physicians were among the “most trusted” people in the world. Officials quickly got all the leading medical associations to sign off on the grave threat.

Once the physicians groups were on board, the guidance or marketing became “listen to your physicians.”

The vast majority of leading scientists also quickly came on board … perhaps because they knew going against Anthony Fauci would jeopardize their future research grants.

No one in the mainstream press ever questioned the doomsday scenarios and indeed actively promoted the “this-must-be-done” narrative.

Censorship and cancellation of dissenting voices slowly and then rapidly became a priority. All social media, Big Tech and legacy media companies implemented “misinformation” guidelines that had rarely if ever been utilized.

Seeding, funding and establishing “misinformation” experts had actually begun months or years earlier. Almost all at once, these disinformation gurus sprung into action, further muzzling any significant “pushback” against the authorized narrative.

The Ivy League (of course) led the way …

I think a key event, rarely mentioned or remembered, was the decision of the Ivy League to cancel its conference basketball tournament in early March. The Ivy League is supposedly a repository of the brightest minds in the world. Once the Ivy League did this, the NBA and other organizations (The PGA cancelled a big golf tournament after one round) quickly followed. The dominoes started to fall and the momentum was set in motion.

Lesson: Be wary of the actions of the Ivy League or elite colleges.

The federal government actually could not compel any citizen, state or city to comply with its “guidance” but this didn’t matter as governors and mayors almost all at once implemented their own, more specific, lockdown orders. Or: They simply followed the federal “guidance.”

In retrospect, it’s fascinating that almost 100 percent of state and local officials “signed off” on such draconian mandates. It’s also worth noting that Gov. Ron DeSantis, the one prominent politician who did challenge the narrative, became a political superstar almost overnight.

Spreading the money …

To make it more likely that hospitals and medical clinics signed off on the various treatment guidelines and protocols, the federal government came up with numerous financial incentives (payouts) to get the hospitals and doctors to go along with their program. So hospitals received extra money for treating Covid patients or if someone was placed on a ventilator.

Congress enacted emergency funding to mollify many groups that might otherwise have suffered economic damages. New money was printed out of thin air. State governments were compensated for implementing the federal program.

Media organizations began to receive advertising funding for promoting Covid safety and, later promoting the vaccines.

Mandatory masking was ordered, which further promoted the requisite fear of the virus.

All big companies signed off on the Covid edicts even while many of their smaller competitors were put out of business, which was fine with the big guys. 

Somehow the churches put up no resistance. No influential or important organization put up any resistance. 

Psychology truisms were important ….

How did the organizers get virtually 100-percent compliance from all key stakeholders? The answer is found in psychological and sociological reasons: Nobody in a “leadership” role wanted to be a contrarian as this would be dangerous to their careers.

“We are all in this together” was the implied or explicit message. This was a great event in history (like fighting WWII) and the only way to defeat the “enemy” (the virus) was for all citizens to act together … and do what the experts said must be done. In other words, comply.

The fear was ramped up to a new level thanks to 40 to 45-cycle PCR tests suddenly flooding the market (as well as mandatory testing).

The media daily reported “new cases” and “new deaths,” most of which probably weren’t caused by this novel coronavirus.

It was rarely if ever mentioned that the average age of death of a Covid victim was around 82 – which is at or beyond the average life expectancy. 

Anyone who questioned the narrative was met with a rejoinder that “XXX,000” people have already died. Unspoken was the fact very few people personally knew one person under the age of 60 who had died, and these official deaths “from” Covid were massively inflated.

In late March 2020 through April 2020 huge spikes of deaths in certain cities like New York City, New Orleans, and Detroit received massive media coverage. 

Receiving virtually no media attention was the hundreds of other hospitals that were almost ghost towns.

The lockdowns lasted many months (even years) in some states … not “two weeks.” 

Nobody questioned why the check-out girls at the “essential” grocery stores were not becoming casualties of Covid even though they came in close contact with hundreds of customers every day and touched every item customers had put in their buggies.

Setting everyone up for ‘the most important thing’ – the vaccines 

At some point, the narrative (pushed by the experts) became that the only thing that would stop or end this pandemic was mass vaccination … so people just had to hold on until Pfizer and Moderna saved the world and ended the pandemic.

The vaccines arrived in “warp speed” and the world got a non-stop dose of this is a “pandemic-of-the-unvaccinated” stories.

People were fired for not getting vaccinated or pressured into getting vaccinated (although after the non-stop fear campaign, 75 percent of the country was rushing to their pharmacy to get their shots). Plus, all the medical experts recommended this and everyone trusted their doctors.

At some point, officials no longer needed to pressure the public into “fighting Covid.” Citizens took up the charge themselves. America became an “us against them” society – and the skeptics were the mangy dog “thems.” 

When people continued to get sick or infected after vaccination, the narrative became the shots lowered the likelihood you’d have a “severe case.”

The fact the vaccines did not work as advertised actually didn’t damper enthusiasm for the vaccines at all. The Covid vaccines became the only product in world history that was a colossal bust – but still generated record sales and demand.

A spike in “all-cause” deaths began days, weeks or months after the rollout of the vaccines, but these spikes in deaths were either not reported or were blamed on Covid. Never mentioned was that the vaccines were supposed to make Covid deaths an impossibility.

The “narrative” that the vaccines were “safe and effective” – probably repeated a billion times – was never challenged by anyone in official capacity. In many states and cities, the lockdowns and restrictions were never challenged.

In Conclusion …

In a nutshell, Project Massive Fear worked. 

All the key stakeholders “bought in.” Even if some people eventually realized some of the narratives may have been dubious or false, they’d already risked their reputations and careers by zealously pushing or endorsing these narratives … so they weren’t going to suddenly admit they might have been wrong.

In retrospect, how “they” made all the madness happen was surprisingly easy.

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